Sunday, February 7, 2016

This and That. February 1st to 7th

This is really a nice place to get a hair cut and Norm is going to miss it.  Get a good massage with the wash and cut.  Thank goodness hair grows fast here so we can go often.
                                           The blow dry.
 They are widening the road and we can't believe how close it is to the houses.  Kind of glad I don't live there.

                                                            Quite Amazing!!!!

This is my loaf of dilly bread I am taking to a good friend.  I put it in the oven just fine but it grew in the oven and got caught on the top burner.  I had no choice but to drag it out which took the top off.  I set the top back on, lowered the rack and cooked it a little longer and this is the finished product.  I have no idea how it tasted.  I just took it and told her my oven didn't cooperate.
                                       The Elders are getting a ride after district meeting.

The dear sister in the gray is from  California.  She has been here 8 days and is so homesick she just wants to go home.  She can't sleep or eat  and she is totally miserable.  All of these missionaries took the afternoon off and they all piled in our truck and we took them to the beach so they could have some fun and get away from the stress.

Norm and I went after treats, I am picking out chips here but we went to Angels and got foot longs for every one with pop.  I got some bananas at the market and some cookies at delibread and some chips.  It was all so wonderful.
                     When we got back they were playing games and having a good time.

                              We spread the food out in the back of the truck.
They ended with a meeting.  All the missionaries told about the adjustments they had when they first got into the field.  And they all bore their testimonies and included how much they love their mission.  It was really a spiritual meeting. I was really impressed with the missionaries.  The next day I took her a sack of American food:  loaf of home made bread, can of chicken, tuna, swiss mix, etc.

 The next day, Saturday, President and Sister Tanner arrived.  We decided to fast that night so instead of going out to eat we found this bridge again, Leanna and Julie and we loved it.  I was determined I was not going across but there you have it.

A pretty view on the other side.  There were about 3 carabau in this field with egrets etc.  It was so beautiful.  Just love the coconut trees.
 After the bridge there was this fun path.  We went for a walk.  So jungly and so Filipino.  And it was so fun to be together.  I just love these dear people.
                                              Aren't we cute?!?!   That is my handsome man!!!!!

                                                         Just love this lady.
                               I wasn't so sure about the motorbike going across.
 Today we went back to Calape to church.  That is where we spent our first year.  They asked me to play the keyboard again and it was so fun to be able to do that.  Everyone of these people are very dear to us.
 This is Brother Kenneth.  He has been baptized a little over a year.  We were his home teachers.  He is now in the branch presidency.  He has no money but he is so faithful.
This dear sister bore her testimony and said that someone had sponsored her so she could work in the temple and she is so grateful.  I felt so thankful inside that we were able to help with that.  She is 75 years old. Thank you family for making that possible.

President and Sister Tanner cane and had dinner with us today.  It is a blessing to have them in our home and we are so blessed to be able to serve with them.  While he was here he got a phone call from Sister Pulotu.  She said she had fasted and prayed and got her answer she should go home.  We are so disappointed.  We still have a couple more days to talk to her.

Love you all!  5 more Sundays and we will be in the 8th ward.  It will be hard to leave these dear people.  I want to come home but I want to bring them with me.

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