Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another week. January 25 - January 31, 2016

We were driving down the road and saw this ladder.  Norm was quite amazed.  It is leaning against the backhoe.

This was after our district meeting and they announced transfers.  There will be a big shuffle.  We love these missionaries.

And here we are at the port.  We had 14 missionaries leaving for Cebu.  We started at 4:15 a.m. to get them all gathered with their luggage. That was after gathering some of them the night before and we got home at 12:45.  It was a short night.  And it is the end of the month and none of them have money so we are feeding along the way.  But they are so fun and so appreciative.

                                       The sisters were watching over much luggage.

Love these missionaries.  It makes me sad to think we won't see them again. The short cute Elder taught me how to say Gihigugma Ta Ka -  I Love You!

Loon had their first Self Reliance graduation.  These people took the course in Starting My Job.  It is so interesting.  The dear sister by me is in her 70's and she is going to raise chickens.  Her name is Sister Segovia and she is the sister they talked about in conference when she lost her home in the earthquake.   I do love these people.

They have the most beautiful flowers over here and flowering trees.  It is so gorgeous.
A common sight at our apartment - being on a mission with Norm is quite the experience.  Oh where oh where are the apartment keys?  We are still looking.  This was just this afternoon.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

MORE baptisms

We had 3 baptisms on Saturday.  We started with Carmen.  Left home at 5:45 to pick up Elders at 7.  Got there only to find they didn't have water so we waited for 45 minutes for them to get ready.  We made it by 9 but were the first ones there and they didn't get started until 10:00.
On the way to the baptism these people were doing their wash.  All up and down the river.

                    These people are just headed down to wash with their bag of clothes.

The dear sister was the one being baptized.  She read the articles of faith card and said she wanted to learn more - she felt it was right.  They baptized her in a month.  These are her children.  The boy in the pinkish pants is 13 and the girl is 11.  The Mother is 30.  None of the children are baptized.  I think they are teaching the girl.  They hope to teach the father.

                                                        Gathering for the baptism.

This cute little guy loves Elder Tolman and lights up when we tell him Elder Tolman is coming to see him soon.

Brother Quiamco, group leader, and I are having a serious conversation it looks like.  He is a marvelous priesthood leader.

We climbed over many grassy rocks and trees to get to this baptismal site,  The seats were not cushioned.

                                               The Elder conducting the baptism.
              They have printed programs for such occasions.  The sweet sister and her children.

                      A dear sister giving a talk.  Jake knows her but I don't know her name.

                                             Dear Sister with the Carmen Elders.

While waiting for her to climb back up the mountain and get dressed we sang songs  Brother Quiamco sang a solo for us.

Norm and I furnished cake, bananas, and pop and Brother Quiamco did some sort of chips.  It was a party.  We had 16 in our truck when we left.  10 were in the truck and 6 were in the back.

After Carmen we rushed over to Jagna at 1:00 for another baptism.  We got there just in time to see 3 people there and we waited an hour for it to start. One brother was baptized.  Another baptism where he knew it was true immediately. The tall man in the back is from Logan Utah.  He is a lawyer and is now teaching school in Hong Kong.  He is doing a summer project in Bohol and is here for a week making arrangements to bring 30 students over.  He was a delight.  He is married and has 4 children.  He has lived in Hong Kong for 9 years.
After Jagna we went to Valencia for more baptisms.  6 were baptized here.  It was an hour late starting as well.  A Mother and her 3 children were baptized and 2 extras.

Today, Sunday, January 24th has been quite a special day for us.  We got up at 3:30 so Kimmie could face time Grandma Halladay's viewing and funeral.  We are so grateful for modern technology which allowed us to be part of that.  We left right after that to gather a sister missionary in Jagna and we needed to pick her up at 8:00.  It has been a busy day but we feel so blessed to have a wonderful family and so blessed to be able to serve here.  Truly the Lord is blessing us!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

More baptisms

                                               Week of January 10-18  2016
              Random photo driving down the road - a loaded jeepney.  They love riding on top.
A Baptism in Dauis - This little girl was baptized by her father who was inactive.  They have 6 children who are so darling.  Their home is so humble.  Couldn't see any place to eat.  Wish it weren't rude to take pictures but it is unbelievable.

                 This is the grandpa singing during the baptism service.  I thought he was so cute.
                           The father with his pretty daughter he baptized and her sister.
Another baptism in Dauis.  This is Kate.  We have visited with her for a long time.  She is a natural member of the church.  Speaks wonderful English.  Just barely got her a job for which we are grateful.  She is a wonderful lady.  Again you wouldn't believe where she lives.
                      She asked Norm to baptize her and I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.
                                    A beautiful scene outside the church in Jagna.
Baptism in Jagna.  The son was baptized and now their whole family is baptized.  We picked them up in our truck and they live a good half hour away from the church on the bumpiest road.  So hard for them to get anywhere.

These baptisms were just this week and we couldn't get to all of them.
I gave the Elders my ipad to take a picture and this is what I got.  A selfie!  I love everyone of these dear missionaries.
Driving down the road again.  We don't know what is going on but a lot of people everywhere.
 Unbelievable.  Don't get me started on this one. It is so disgusting!!!!
Our service center where you can get parts for various things.  They are ordering me a microwave plate that I broke.  The inside looks much worse.

 Norm got a little camera happy but this is my kitchen.  I am actually quite tired of cooking here but it doesn't look too bad.  A little banana bread and cookies sitting on top of the stove..  Just get out the old silver bowl and go for it.
This is our zone conference with President and Sister Tanner on the back row.  A great privilege to be with them.  These are the missionaries we are in charge of on this island. There should be about 43 of them.
                                                        Another beautiful ride.
Norm at work again!  This guy gives a hair cut in 15 min. max.  Probably more like 10.  He charges less than $4.  175 pesos.  You get a hair wash and a shoulder massage by a girl first.  Great place!
Take a look at this salad which is rare to come by over here.  This place is about a half hour away from us and they have delicious food.  We have just discovered it and I hope to go there enough to try everything on the menu. I am not much on Filipino food but we eat very well.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 - 2016

                                                 Our Merry Christmas to Carmen
Thanks to the family's generous Christmas contributions we were able to put together 21 grocery bags full and deliver them to 21 families in Carmen.  We talked with the group leader and he suggested we put in rice, sardines, corned beef, noodles, milo (chocolate milk mix) powdered juice, sugar and a bar of soap.

Here we are ready to go.  We picked up the group leader and his wife in Carmen and he said the 4 Elders wanted to go with us to deliver besides he and his wife.  So 4 fit in the back and I wondered where the other two would fit in with the groceries but they did.

This is  the organization process going on the night before.  I had cans spread all over.  That table looks a bit untidy and it is. You can see my pantry under the table - 3 tubs.
                                                        The finished product.

                                             Two Elders were taking pictures.
This was our first stop.  The rest of the pictures are some of the places we went.

                                        I love the jungle. Such beautiful country!

                                        The Relief Society President's home.
                                       Her yard.  Loved the chickens and the dog.
                               Her Mother lives next door.There is always wash hanging out.

                        Muddy trails - this is why the Elders wear rubber shoes.  I have some.

            We hope this family is going through the temple with us.

After we were through the Elders stopped here for a bite.  Look familiar to you, Jake?  Angels in Carmen.  I expect you have been lined up here before.

                                                Howdy!  Care to go for a ride?

                                                     Or maybe this one?

                We pass by Santa quite often.  He is a big feller!  You can tell by the motorcycle.

This is our New Year's party.  Once a year the missionaries are allowed to watch a disney movie.  We watched "Inside Out".  Norm and I furnished pizza and pop and Kimmie's jelly beans.  The Panglao Elders called to see if they could ride with us.  This over 300 lbs. elder was one of them and there were 4 to fit in our back seat.
The next elder is the 4th one standing.  Those two filled the seat.  The next elder is the 2nd one over, barely room to squeeze him in and the 4th elder was smaller and he sat on top or rather laid.  They drove a half hour that way.

On the return trip I traded the larger elder - he sat in front and I took a back seat with the rest of the elders.  That was doable.
                                Some of our group had pants made for the Christmas party.

                               Lights by where we live.  They are quite pretty in real life.

Norm celebrating New Year's Eve after we got home from the party.  The missionaries had to be home by 8:00 p.m.  We had a rousing party at home.  He did wake up for the fireworks that started at midnight and went for hours afterwards.

Saturday was a baptism in Carmen.  We had 6 elders loaded in the back and the baptismal candidates were in the back seat.

The mother on the far right and her son by her were baptized. Sister Narcisa Ytem and her son Proseso Ytem, Jr. The sister on the left is going through the temple with us.

Elder Hall from Idaho helped teach these people but he has been transferred.  We took him back with us.

                                                     Washing clothes in the river.

After the baptism in Carmen we went on to Jagna to another baptism.  This dear sister is absolutely golden.  It was a very special experience to be with her. The group leader baptized her.

A very large Christmas tree in Carmen.  Gorgeous at night but we didn't make that.

The girl on the right, Judea, and the boy in the yellow shirt were baptized last September but never confirmed.  They live a ways away from the church.  They live in Dauis - I think Jake taught them some and then went home and his companion, Elder Santos, baptized them and then he was transferred.  We were able to pick them up on Sunday and they were both confirmed.

On the way home, the boy is 12, looks kind of small huh? I asked if he would be ordained the next week and pass the sacrament and the Mother said they were poor and he didn't have a white shirt.

We just went to town and bought him a shirt and a couple ties.  Somewhere his little brother found a shirt.  I will never forget the sweet look in Jaharie's eyes before we left  when he looked at me and said in such a sweet tender voice "Thank you so very much".  And he shook my hand.  We gave them a little money to make sure they could get a ride to church next Sunday.  We won't be able to be there.

I am so happy to be serving here.