Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Senior Couple Retreat

We started off the week by taking these darling girls to the hospital about 11 at night.  The dear sister on the left had an allergic reaction to something and she got into trouble.  We took her to the hospital and they gave her some medicine and she had to stay there for 2 hours.  We left them and came home and rested on top of the bed for an hour and went back at 1:30 a.m. to gather them up and take them home.  They are darling sisters and we love them so much.  We got home about 2:30 a.m.

President and Sister Tanner were on our island doing interviews so we all met at the ferry to go to Cebu - their home for a Sr. Couple Retreat.  It was a wonderful time.  We went over Wednesday about noon but we didn't get here until night as we had to do some grocery shopping and the traffic was terrible.    Got there quite late and had supper that the Mc Netts, office couple, had fixed for us.  The next day we had meetings all day at their home.  It is so good to be together and discuss all that is going on in our areas and get advice on different situations.  We could spend hours together.  Brother and Sister Goodson from Salt Lake came and explained a program they have going to make solid brick to make CR's and they are involving the Filipinos for employment. I think he was the first mission president in Cebu back in the 1960's  and he has spent his life helping these dear people.

We went out to eat that night at BoRussia.  A german place that is very elegant but it is quite a drive and we got stuck in traffic.  It ended up being a very late night and we had to get up at 3:30 the next morning to catch a ferry to take us to another island, Camotes.

President Tanner couldn't go but that doesn't stop Sister Tanner.  She loaded us in the van at 4:00 a.m. and we were off.  The ferry left at 5:30 and it took 2 hours to get to Comotes.  Everything takes so much time.

                                                              Sunrise on the ferry.

                                                           Inside the ferry.

                           Elder Bell catching a few winks from the early morning.
                      We went to a really pretty beach but it was hot and the water wasn't good.  

                                  I love these cute little huts or whatever you call them.

We went to another beach and the water was wonderful.  Elder and Sister Bell went snorkeling and Norm and Elder and Sister Bock swam around.  They loved it and I loved it just as much watching them with Sister Tanner and Elder and Sister McNett.

Then we met the Elders on Camotes and we had a hamburger and a chocolate milk shake which was delicious.  Don't get them much here but it took forever.  They are set up for like one person and there were 9 of us.  Loved being with the Elders

They we rushed off to a cave.

                                                               It was amazing.

By now we are really running short of time and we had to fly back to the pier for our 2 hour ferry ride home.  Sister Tanner was driving crazy fast over the bumpiest roads.  I was in the very back of the van and we were hitting the roof of the van and knocking each other.  I got laughing so hard I could hardly stand it (good thing I was sitting).  We stopped and had prayer.  It was some experience but we made it. Got home very late and left early the next morning for the ferry to come home.  Of course Sister Tanner was at the wheel again. 

  We are waiting at the port to catch the ferry.  We had a wonderful time being together.  It isn't the most relaxing vacation but it is fun and we experience a lot of different things.

While I was in Cebu I got a text message from Julie saying the  flights were looking full so she and Katie were leaving a day early.  I am so hopeful all goes well for them.  Not sure what day or time they will get here but we are excited.  It could be even tomorrow.

Norm felt sorry for this guy with the cardboard over his head so he gave him his hat.  He put the hat on and then put the cardboard back on top of it. Unbelievable how hard these people work in the heat.

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