Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another week. January 25 - January 31, 2016

We were driving down the road and saw this ladder.  Norm was quite amazed.  It is leaning against the backhoe.

This was after our district meeting and they announced transfers.  There will be a big shuffle.  We love these missionaries.

And here we are at the port.  We had 14 missionaries leaving for Cebu.  We started at 4:15 a.m. to get them all gathered with their luggage. That was after gathering some of them the night before and we got home at 12:45.  It was a short night.  And it is the end of the month and none of them have money so we are feeding along the way.  But they are so fun and so appreciative.

                                       The sisters were watching over much luggage.

Love these missionaries.  It makes me sad to think we won't see them again. The short cute Elder taught me how to say Gihigugma Ta Ka -  I Love You!

Loon had their first Self Reliance graduation.  These people took the course in Starting My Job.  It is so interesting.  The dear sister by me is in her 70's and she is going to raise chickens.  Her name is Sister Segovia and she is the sister they talked about in conference when she lost her home in the earthquake.   I do love these people.

They have the most beautiful flowers over here and flowering trees.  It is so gorgeous.
A common sight at our apartment - being on a mission with Norm is quite the experience.  Oh where oh where are the apartment keys?  We are still looking.  This was just this afternoon.

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