Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Heavenly Week with Loved Ones

                                              October 19, 2015 - October 27, 2015

It has been a wonderful week of sharing our mission with some of our loved ones.
Norm and I left Monday morning about 5:45 a.m. on this tricycle.  This is the front view. Norm and I both were sitting in this little seat up front.
This is the back view.  Our luggage is in the back.  We pack light.

There was a typhoon over the weekend and our area got some bad wind.  The ferry didn't run either Saturday or Sunday and we were very nervous if we would be able to go on Monday.  We were scheduled to go on the 7:05 Ocean Jet ferry.  When we got to the port they said that ferry had been canceled and the next one to go out was 8:30.  Norm immediately went to another line and was lucky enough to get us tickets on the Super Cat 2 Go at 6:30.  It is newer and 15 minutes faster.  We were so blessed.  We barely made it.  The water was rough to start out with and I was just praying for a safe ride.  I rode with my eyes closed and prayed the whole time and I am happy to say the water calmed and the ride was ok.  When we got to the pier in Cebu people were just stacked in there like crazy.  I asked what was going on and they said the ferry had been canceled.  I think Norm and I were blessed to make it over.

Sister Tanner picked us up and we did grocery shopping and made food for everyone etc.  About 4 in the afternoon we get a call from our loved ones saying they missed their flight out of Hong Kong by 10 minutes.  So the airlines put them up and the next flight out was 8 a.m. the next morning.  We were very sad.  So they actually didn't get to Cebu until Tuesday afternoon about 1:00.  We were so happy to finally be together and we had a great week.

When we left Sister Tanner's the gardener was cutting their front lawn with the shears.

Sister Tanner shuttling us around in the van she arranged for so there would be room for everyone at the airport.  They are amazingly wonderful people.  So busy and just take care of everyone.  Such a great experience to be with them. They showed us all a good time. Sister Tanner definitely gets around very well.

Together at last - this is at a recreation place close to President and Sister Tanner's home.

We had dinner with the AP's and enjoyed the evening at the Mission Home.  We had a project of marking some copies of the Book of Mormon.
Sister Tanner decked us all out with hats.  She is a fun lady.

The next day Sister Tanner took us to the temple.  So happy we could be there together.  Afterwards we ate at he cafeteria - Filipino food - not my favorite but Aaron wanted to try it all.
We went to Mantacida the next day to show them the 27 homes that LDS Charities built for this community that not one person is LDS.  It was a great humanitarian project and they love the LDS people.The road was under construction so we got to do some walking.

One home we visited the sister had 8 children, her husband had passed away and she raised piglets and sold them.

This appears to be quite a load.

It is the harvesting of rice season.  There is rice drying on the road every where.

We would like to bring this cute little guy home.

Aaron is contemplating a ride ?!?!

We made it to the chocolate hills - famous in Bohol!!!!!

Having lunch on the Loboc River Cruise.  They sang and we ate as we cruised down the river.

The hanging bridge.  Kimmie was pretty brave to tackle this.  Especially as Aaron was walking HEAVILY in front of her.

A very nice restaurant in Dauis that Norm and I discovered.  Reminds us a lot of Maddox.
We were able to attend another baptism in the river.

Erik Jorillo Ignario was baptized by Roberto Jorillo - Jake probably knows them.

They go to so much work to bring food.  They have no money and no transportation but it all seems to work out.  We brought a truck load again, like about 15 stacked in the back.

This little guy by Aaron is the young boy that was baptized.  Aaron immediately won him over. He had quite the supply of candy that made the little ones happy.

President and Sister Saballa took us all for a tricycle ride.  He said the tricycle could hold 8 people.  He did add they were Filipinos.  It was really lugged down with the 5 of us.

Very special Filipino people in this photo.  President and Sister Saballa on the right.  Then Sister Dig, her husband is the branch president, Britzel and Nino Laurel - I taught Nino piano.  They are brother and sister and go to college in Cebu. We were lucky to see them.  Don't know the other sisters names.

Same group in front of the Loon church.

Went to church in Panglao.  I am teaching piano to Annie.  She is a very strong church member.  Her husband is white and not a member.

This is Betty's lovely bed.  She claimed it was comfortable.  A fun memory for me.

Do you think all we do is eat?!?  You are right!!!!

We can testify there are a lot of roosters here.  Some are tied up because they are cock fighters and they are all VERY noisy all night.

We got to stop by the church in Carmen - Jake was the missionary that started  this area.  So many memories.  They are now bursting at the seams and need another place to meet.

At the side of the church was a basketball court covered with rice.

This is the home of Brother Bill and Emma Smalley.  He is white and she is Filipino.  He was excommunicated about 25 years ago and she was very much Catholic.  We met him at the mall and talked for quite a while.  The sisters have been teaching her and Norm is going to baptize her this coming Saturday.  He is getting back into the church as well.  He has built this home mostly by himself, including the furniture. It has taken him 4 years and he will be several more finishing it but it is very nice.  They are wonderful people.

This is a unique Filipino chair.  Just put your feet up and relax.  We had one in our last apartment.
Kimmie and her Dad doing a bit of grocery shopping.

Grabbing a snack in our apartment.  Aaron purchased several kinds of breads and we were giving them all a  try.  So fun to have these people here.  Aaron made friends with EVERYONE!!
Aunt B in a corner getting ready for the day.  I had the other corner.

The ferry on the way back to Cebu.  The weather was wonderful and it was a good ride.

Oh my, do I not like this day!!!!  So hard to say goodbye to such precious people.  Time went by way too quickly.  It was a great week for us.  If you want to come hurry and get a ticket - only 4 months left.   We love you all so much!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Great week with river baptism

                                                       October 9th to October 17th 2015
These darling sisters are from Calape.  We are giving them a ride to Tagbilaran to visit a very dear man, Brother Kenneth, from Calape who is in the hospital with acute appendicitis.  Sister Milet with the dark glasses is our R.S. president.  She is married to a white man, Steve Senior, and they just left for the US and will spend 3 months there.  They are wonderful people.  The other Sister is Elsa.  She has more troubles than you can believe but such a good member of the church.   Her home was destroyed in the earthquake and she has lived in the most humble circumstances.  Mostly just a tarp hanging over a tin roof.  I just thought they looked cute both in their yellow shirts in the back seat of our truck and they were just jabbering in Cebauno.
Bad picture but we were eating dinner with the Tanners after conference.  Love President Tanner's knees, sorry about that.  Their daughter in law is here visiting for 2 weeks with two children.
We have heard about this bridge, a hanging bridge, and we just found it.  I tried walking across but decided I would save my thrills for something else.  It was pretty jiggly.
Norm is headed back with a coconut.
These sisters live in Douis.  We had them over for dinner. The white sister is from Australia and has a wonderful accent.  They were so darling to express appreciation for us.  We had a wonderful evening together.

A couple who live in Garcia, just outside of Jagna.  He is white from American and been excommunicated for about 25 hours.  Married Emma and she Catholic but is going to be baptized the 31st of October and they want Norm to baptize her.  She cooked dinner for us and it was the best meal we have eaten here.  He has been 4 years building their home and it is a mansion.  It probably isn't half done but they are living in it.   He is building the furniture, doing all the electrical, plumbing, he is doing everything.  He is working on getting back into the church and we hope he is baptized before we leave.  We first met him shopping and he stopped us and talked.  He loves Norm.
Well, the tin roof got on and this week they put in a cement floor.  And this is how they mix the cement.  Notice the feet right in there.
Elder Norm is working hard.  This is right up his alley.  It was a lot of work but he didn't get sick this time.  I thought it would be a fast project but it was not.
More mixing.  Elder Santos pouring water was Jake's last companion and he is a wonderful Elder.  President Tanner said he is Jakes clone.  I am glad Jake got to train him.
Making progress.
                                                                          This is the crew.
Finished project. We are done there for a while.

The dear man in red is Filipino but living in Spain.  He is a very staunch member and is visiting his relatives here in Jagna and none of them are members of the church so we took he and the Elders around to get introduced so they can be taught the gospel.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  He was so happy to get us all introduced before he left which will be next week.  He is 78 years old.

This is the first home we met in.  They are all his family relatives.

The 2nd group we met with.  There are possibilities of lots of baptisms.

                                                           He is telling us goodbye.
Today, Saturday, we loaded the missionaries up for a baptism.  Our back seat was full of sisters and kids.  One sister was baptized.

Sister in white blouse was baptized.  Sister in grey skirt Jake baptized and he use to hold the little boy by his feet in the palm of his hand.  Sister in the peach is the group leader's wife.  They are planning on going to the temple with us in March.

                                                               Group leader and his wife.

                                                               The sister being baptized.

                                No chairs, we just sat on rocks and branches by the river.

                                    They were trying to test how deep the water was.

Our Group Picture

The little boy is Jake's friend.  He says "Elder Tolman" so cute.

                                                                 Very beautiful country.