Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sharing Mission With Family


Julie and Katie planned a trip to come see us.  Because they were flying standby I wasn't sure when they would arrive so when I got an email entitled "Surprise" I immediately thought that meant they were on their way even a little early.  I was totally shocked when I opened it up and saw this picture!  I didn't squeal, I sat there stunned thinking, "That is Marie, how could that be?"  I looked and looked wondering if my eyes were playing tricks.  What a beautiful sight!  I will love this picture forever!!!

My next favorite picture!  How blessed we were!!!!   It is a long flight and I so appreciate them being able to come.  They flew in to Tagbilaran.  It was a very rainy Sunday afternoon.  We quickly drove to a sacrament meeting close by and got in on about half or maybe more.

                This is Katie's bed!  It was wonderful!  She got better audio of the roosters!

                 About every morning we took in a walk and enjoyed the sun rise and sun sets.  

                         They all swam in the waterfall.  Somebody has to take pictures !!!!
                                                   Awesome swinging bridge.

              After crossing the bridge we followed a little path and it was so jungley and fun.

                                        Trying to make friends with the Carabau.

                      Katie trying her luck at climbing a coconut tree.  I think she can do it!

                     Another bridge on our path.  A little too make-shifty for me.

                                    Love the chocolate hills.

                                      Over 200 steps up and the same back  :)
                         We discovered a new zip line in Duero.

                                                    Ready for the take off.
                                                       Julie being courageous.
                                                       Marie ready to go.
                                                       Katie on her way.
                                          One of them coming back - take your pick.
                                                               Julie made it,
Went to Hayahay and they snorkeled.  It rained so hard - just pelted down for quite a while.  They said they couldn't feel it under the water.

At chow king eating a halo halo.  Definitely Norm's favorite!  I'm afraid it won't be repeated in the states.  Strictly Filipio!  A lot of ice and fruit, beans, coconut, sweetened condensed milk, ice cream and whatever else you can find.

                                                      Another morning walk.

                                                  Just love all of the green.
Norm and the Elders were moving some sisters into a new apartment so we took a tricycle and went to the Bee Farm.  I think it is suppose to fit two but there you have it.

                                              Julie was behind the motorcycle driver.

                                   We had a delicious breakfast at the Bee Farm.

                                           Wonderful view of the ocean - fun place.

                                   Norm joined us later and gave us a ride home.
                   Marie is patiently teaching Norm some new tricks on his ipad.
                                          And Katie and Julie are just hanging out!
We got to take in a baptism in the river in Carmen -- this dear sister and a little girl who is not related.  The little girl's father will be baptized in two weeks.

                                           Elders trying to get it all together.

                                                        I got to lead the singing.

                   A fun little group gathered together.  They sing and talk and enjoy it all together.

                             Not much on padded chairs. The climb down was a little precocious.

                         We furnished treats of pop, bananas and pastries that we had purchased.

It took two truck loads to get everyone to the baptism.  We opted to stay in this cute little place and wait for Norm's return trip.

                                           It was a little too much driving for Katie.

                  We had a wonderful walk along the Alona Beach and then had our dinner.

                                 Katie had the biggest hamburger I have ever seen.
 We attended church in Panglao.  It is really a resort but they rent it out for Sunday only.  A very nice group and they just got word they are big enough to become a branch.  They will need a new place to meet.       
Accommodations at the Halladay apartment.  Jake and Bryce, this is soon to become yours.  That is as good as it gets here.

Our neighbor across the street sells food all day long from like 6:00 a.m. to 9:30 at night.  They are the nicest people.  Behind the sign is tables where you can eat.

                  Another morning walk across the causeway coming to our home.  Beautiful walk!

                                  Norm is quite sure he should build one of this for us.

                                        A scrumptious breakfast - love the memories.

                       Outside our apartment.  We are the middle one, down by the truck.

                           A common sight.  We are ALWAYS toting bikes around.

Crazy picture.  We were just driving along and saw this.  It is a jeepney - their common mode of transportation. The driver is taking a siesta.

                                      At the port telling these cuties goodbye.

I am so grateful to be able to share the Philippines with family.  This is a beautiful country and we will always treasure the experience.

I am so anxious to come home but it is getting more and more difficult to leave.  It has been a very special experience.

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