Sunday, January 24, 2016

MORE baptisms

We had 3 baptisms on Saturday.  We started with Carmen.  Left home at 5:45 to pick up Elders at 7.  Got there only to find they didn't have water so we waited for 45 minutes for them to get ready.  We made it by 9 but were the first ones there and they didn't get started until 10:00.
On the way to the baptism these people were doing their wash.  All up and down the river.

                    These people are just headed down to wash with their bag of clothes.

The dear sister was the one being baptized.  She read the articles of faith card and said she wanted to learn more - she felt it was right.  They baptized her in a month.  These are her children.  The boy in the pinkish pants is 13 and the girl is 11.  The Mother is 30.  None of the children are baptized.  I think they are teaching the girl.  They hope to teach the father.

                                                        Gathering for the baptism.

This cute little guy loves Elder Tolman and lights up when we tell him Elder Tolman is coming to see him soon.

Brother Quiamco, group leader, and I are having a serious conversation it looks like.  He is a marvelous priesthood leader.

We climbed over many grassy rocks and trees to get to this baptismal site,  The seats were not cushioned.

                                               The Elder conducting the baptism.
              They have printed programs for such occasions.  The sweet sister and her children.

                      A dear sister giving a talk.  Jake knows her but I don't know her name.

                                             Dear Sister with the Carmen Elders.

While waiting for her to climb back up the mountain and get dressed we sang songs  Brother Quiamco sang a solo for us.

Norm and I furnished cake, bananas, and pop and Brother Quiamco did some sort of chips.  It was a party.  We had 16 in our truck when we left.  10 were in the truck and 6 were in the back.

After Carmen we rushed over to Jagna at 1:00 for another baptism.  We got there just in time to see 3 people there and we waited an hour for it to start. One brother was baptized.  Another baptism where he knew it was true immediately. The tall man in the back is from Logan Utah.  He is a lawyer and is now teaching school in Hong Kong.  He is doing a summer project in Bohol and is here for a week making arrangements to bring 30 students over.  He was a delight.  He is married and has 4 children.  He has lived in Hong Kong for 9 years.
After Jagna we went to Valencia for more baptisms.  6 were baptized here.  It was an hour late starting as well.  A Mother and her 3 children were baptized and 2 extras.

Today, Sunday, January 24th has been quite a special day for us.  We got up at 3:30 so Kimmie could face time Grandma Halladay's viewing and funeral.  We are so grateful for modern technology which allowed us to be part of that.  We left right after that to gather a sister missionary in Jagna and we needed to pick her up at 8:00.  It has been a busy day but we feel so blessed to have a wonderful family and so blessed to be able to serve here.  Truly the Lord is blessing us!!!!

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