Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 - 2016

                                                 Our Merry Christmas to Carmen
Thanks to the family's generous Christmas contributions we were able to put together 21 grocery bags full and deliver them to 21 families in Carmen.  We talked with the group leader and he suggested we put in rice, sardines, corned beef, noodles, milo (chocolate milk mix) powdered juice, sugar and a bar of soap.

Here we are ready to go.  We picked up the group leader and his wife in Carmen and he said the 4 Elders wanted to go with us to deliver besides he and his wife.  So 4 fit in the back and I wondered where the other two would fit in with the groceries but they did.

This is  the organization process going on the night before.  I had cans spread all over.  That table looks a bit untidy and it is. You can see my pantry under the table - 3 tubs.
                                                        The finished product.

                                             Two Elders were taking pictures.
This was our first stop.  The rest of the pictures are some of the places we went.

                                        I love the jungle. Such beautiful country!

                                        The Relief Society President's home.
                                       Her yard.  Loved the chickens and the dog.
                               Her Mother lives next door.There is always wash hanging out.

                        Muddy trails - this is why the Elders wear rubber shoes.  I have some.

            We hope this family is going through the temple with us.

After we were through the Elders stopped here for a bite.  Look familiar to you, Jake?  Angels in Carmen.  I expect you have been lined up here before.

                                                Howdy!  Care to go for a ride?

                                                     Or maybe this one?

                We pass by Santa quite often.  He is a big feller!  You can tell by the motorcycle.

This is our New Year's party.  Once a year the missionaries are allowed to watch a disney movie.  We watched "Inside Out".  Norm and I furnished pizza and pop and Kimmie's jelly beans.  The Panglao Elders called to see if they could ride with us.  This over 300 lbs. elder was one of them and there were 4 to fit in our back seat.
The next elder is the 4th one standing.  Those two filled the seat.  The next elder is the 2nd one over, barely room to squeeze him in and the 4th elder was smaller and he sat on top or rather laid.  They drove a half hour that way.

On the return trip I traded the larger elder - he sat in front and I took a back seat with the rest of the elders.  That was doable.
                                Some of our group had pants made for the Christmas party.

                               Lights by where we live.  They are quite pretty in real life.

Norm celebrating New Year's Eve after we got home from the party.  The missionaries had to be home by 8:00 p.m.  We had a rousing party at home.  He did wake up for the fireworks that started at midnight and went for hours afterwards.

Saturday was a baptism in Carmen.  We had 6 elders loaded in the back and the baptismal candidates were in the back seat.

The mother on the far right and her son by her were baptized. Sister Narcisa Ytem and her son Proseso Ytem, Jr. The sister on the left is going through the temple with us.

Elder Hall from Idaho helped teach these people but he has been transferred.  We took him back with us.

                                                     Washing clothes in the river.

After the baptism in Carmen we went on to Jagna to another baptism.  This dear sister is absolutely golden.  It was a very special experience to be with her. The group leader baptized her.

A very large Christmas tree in Carmen.  Gorgeous at night but we didn't make that.

The girl on the right, Judea, and the boy in the yellow shirt were baptized last September but never confirmed.  They live a ways away from the church.  They live in Dauis - I think Jake taught them some and then went home and his companion, Elder Santos, baptized them and then he was transferred.  We were able to pick them up on Sunday and they were both confirmed.

On the way home, the boy is 12, looks kind of small huh? I asked if he would be ordained the next week and pass the sacrament and the Mother said they were poor and he didn't have a white shirt.

We just went to town and bought him a shirt and a couple ties.  Somewhere his little brother found a shirt.  I will never forget the sweet look in Jaharie's eyes before we left  when he looked at me and said in such a sweet tender voice "Thank you so very much".  And he shook my hand.  We gave them a little money to make sure they could get a ride to church next Sunday.  We won't be able to be there.

I am so happy to be serving here.

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