Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pigs etc.

We got word a couple weeks ago that the building project was going to take off.  We met with Jerome who is heading it up and he said they are going to build 27 homes in 27 days.  We are anxious to see how all that happens.  The first stumbling block is they can't work this week because it is Holy Week for the Catholics and everyone is a Catholic.  This is the first home they are starting on.  They have it marked out.  These homes will be built by the church but it is a humanitarian project.  None of the homes will be for LDS people.  They definitely will not be done in 27 days.  We are really hoping to help on this project but they are quite organized and have their own way of doing things.
Brother and Sister Wieland came over from Cebu last weekend.  They are the family history consultants.  They are doing a workshop here in Ubay which is a good hour and 45 minutes away from us.  They had rented a Internet Cafe which had 13 computers.  They had about 20 show up.  There weren't enough computers and not enough help but they did what they could.  These people are anxious to learn.  Standing are two missionaries helping.  President Tanner and Brother Wieland are in the white shirts.

The next day, Sunday we went to Jagna and the Wielands talked in church and that afternoon they did another instruction.  There were only 3 computers and they worked with the same people the whole time so many people waited and waited and didn't get any help.  These lovely people fed us a delicious lunch.  It is so amazing to me.  Their churches don't have kitchens.  They bring everything in bags - food and dishes etc.  

This is the whole group - Brother and Sister Wieland are sitting in the middle.  They go home the end of April and they will truly be missed.  No one is coming to replace them that they know of yet.

Right in front of our house.  We have seen this pig several times go up and down.

We went teaching with Sister Grigg and Sister Palmiere to Loon this afternoon.  A newly baptized couple live here.  This is what they call a dirty kitchen.  It is outside and they build a fire.  This is totally where they cook.  It isn't where they use to cook.  

This is the kitchen on the inside and the door walking out to the dirty kitchen.  Those are her dishes, pots and pans and water bottle.  Of course no frig, no sink, a jug of water.  She cooks in the heavy pan by the door.

The outside of his home which is new and they are so happy.  The two windows in front is the sitting room - the window on the side is the kitchen and then there is a bedroom.  No clue if there is a bathroom somewhere.
Elder Norm, Aning, the precious convert, his wife wasn't home, Sister Palmieri, Sister Grigg who goes home this Sunday and Aning's mother who has totally lost her mind.  She just walks around and sings and talks.  Aning feeds goats for a man and has a motorcycle he gives rides.  That is how he makes his living. He has one arm that is deformed.  He can't use it but he can still drive his motorbike.  Whenever there is a CSP he is there working.  So faithful.  He has just received the Melchizedek Priesthood.  Everyone just loves him.  Always has a smile!!! 

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