Sunday, April 19, 2015

Random photos

Another pig walk in front of our apartment.  He is quite the guy.
Sister Deliarte has been with us for 4 transfers and was just transferred.  She is the sweetest sister.  She is the one that was going to Cebu by herself - catching the ferry and a taxi and all and I told her I was worried about her and she said: "Don't worry Sister, I have the best companion of all, the Holy Ghost."  I will never forget that.  She is a lovely sister.
This is her companion that she has trained, Sister Cervantes.

A huge mango tree.  Hangs out over the road

They cover each mango.  I have no idea how they do that.  I have never seen them in operation.  I suppose they do that for protection so they can sell them.

Drying rice on our walk to church.  Right on the side of the road.  They do this a lot.  Sometimes it is right on the road.

We have a beautiful carnation bush in our yard.  They are not real smelly but they are pretty.  Some are coming and some are going as you can tell.

Looks like a tomato bush right by it but they are hard.  We haven't dared try one.
Went to eat after a zone/district meeting.  Elder Francom is the white Elder in front.  He use to be Jake's companion in Carmen when we first came here.  He is now a zone leader in our district.  Love having him here.  Someone we can talk to easily.  His brother just got a mission call to Madagascar and leaves two weeks before he gets home.

Can you imagine what 30 missionaries did to a small chicken cafe.  We were there for a LONG time for a piece of chicken and some rice.

Couldn't resist the picture.  Have no idea who the guy is but I want to be on Grandma Betty's team as well.

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