Sunday, March 22, 2015

Norm Birthday etc.

Sister Grigg and Sister Palmieri wanted to wash our truck - said it had been a long time since they had washed a truck and they just wanted to do it.  They live behind us and are fun sisters.
Our Branch had their District Relief Society celebration this week.  I was impressed with the decorations they were doing.  They are such poor people but they still decorate and go to a lot of work.  The celebration was in our chapel.  I was not able to attend because of our baptism in Ubay but the celebration lasted for 4 hours.  They had a program and a dinner and then another program which each branch did a dance.  Sisters got up on the stage in their levis etc. and just did some sort of dance.  Then they turned it into singing - they just love to turn on the music and sing.  Anyone takes the mike and they just sing on and on.  So glad I was in Ubay!
We home teach to our Branch President's family.  We asked if we could come visit and he invited us to come to dinner with the missionaries.

President Neuva is standing in front.  He is the nicest man.  He farms for a living and works so hard but he always has time to do whatever needs to be done.  On the left is his young daughter, then their is a friend, Sister Grigg, his oldest daughter who is amazing and going to college, his wife, two more sister missionaries and then an elder.
McCoy takes care of us - he is watering the plants - we haven't had rain for a while.
During a morning walk we saw these flowers.  They are gorgeous - almost don't look real but they are.
A cute little toddler on our walk.
More gorgeous flowers.  They sometimes don't live in much but the flowers and foliage are gorgeous.
The community bath we walked by.
Couldn't resist this dear sister on our walk - got to love the socks!
Sister missionaries - I was interested in how they built around the tree.

Our goofy sisters took our camera without us knowing.  They are in the back seat of our truck.

I love these people - Brother and Sister Pamplonas  They are the most humble people I know.  It was dusty so she put on the hat.  He has one tooth in front and it is on top.  He has written a lot - uneducated but he writes beautifully.  We have suggested they might work in the temple.  I so hope that works out.  He has been offended in his branch - he is in the branch presidency - I hope he can get to the temple.  He will love it.
The most common site of Grandpa Norm.  He loves his ipad and spends much time on face book etc.
Happy "73" birthday.  The Sisters behind us decorated our truck with cute love notes.
The Sister on the left, Sister Cervantes, made a mango float - which consists of graham crackers, whip cream and mangos layered.  Very tasty.  The Sister in the red skirt had a birthday the next day so we had them over for pancake breakfast and we celebrated together.  Norm did say he is looking forward to his next birthday - that means we will be home.
Love these sisters.  So fun for us to have them close by. They answer lots of questions and speak English!  Love it!
After our pancake breakfast we went to Cebu to the temple.  Getting there is always a little intimidating but we made it.  Stayed over night in the patron house.  I did 3 sessions and Norm went to the family history center and did 1 session.  It was wonderful to be in the temple.
When we got home Friday night I made a cake and had a birthday party for Sister Deliarte in blue skirt.  The Elders live just up the road from us, Elder Gomollo and Elder Schnoor.
Not sure what this is but it definitely needed a picture.
Another ocean baptism in Ubay.  The sisters thought the van was coming to transport their family but I guess there was some sort of miscommunication.  We were the only vehicle.  Hence the elders had to take a tricycle and we put 5 in the very back, five in the back and Norm and a brother in front.  It went pretty good until Norm hit a bump that put us through the ceiling.  We have song books and a pan you might see as well full of Bihon the sisters made.
Elder Domingo baptized the sister, and the brother on the right is the branch president who baptized the brother. Norm spoke on Enduring to the End and did a great job.
The sister is not married but she adopted the littlest girl in the colored pants and white shirt.
Family of the brother.  His sister is in green pants and she is investigating, the boy in pink shirt is investigating.  The man next to him is the father who is a member but less active.  The Sister  Tarra Boggo is the missionary and Sister Perez is on the left.
It was high tide.
It took 3 times to baptize her.  Her foot kept coming up.  The elders were witnesses
A close up.  Elder Ika and Elder Reymundo.  Elder Reymundo goes home in 2 weeks.

They always haul food and eat.  We furnished the custard cake on the left.  Our landlord makes them. They always have bread with their bihon or spaghetti.  Make sandwiches out of it.
We hurried back to Calape to another baptism.  The people traveled from Sagbayan and hired this truck or whatever you want to call it.
Tonight, Sunday, March 23rd we went teaching with the Calape Elders.  The first time we have gone with them.  We taught in this humble home. I was trying to get a picture of the fan and cord.  They sleep on the floor - there is no sign of bed, or clothes or cupboards - just the light.

The man in green is the investigator they were teaching.  The sister in red top is his sister and she is also investigating.  They are neighbors - both of their companions were gone working.  Very nice people.

This was our second stop.  It was completely dark.  We taught outside by flashlight.  This man is a member but has been offended. Hasn't been to church in several years.   He did say he would come to church this Sunday.  We will see!  They fed us pop before we left and peanuts and crackers.  His wife is sitting there and she is active.

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