Monday, April 27, 2015

Floating restaurant

We have been involved a little bit with a building program. The Filipino in the dark blue shirt on the left is Jerome Cacho.  A wonderful strong member of the church.  He is working with LDS Charities and the government trying to build homes for earthquake victims.  He ran into some terrible snags and we have been fasting and praying for him that things would work out.  Our prayers were answered and we think the project will be completed.  These homes are paid for by the church and are given to an area - they are not given to LDS people.  It is like a humanitarian project and hopefully a good missionary tool for the church. Jerome is talking to his workers and telling them they can go back on the job.
Lots of Carabaus on this island.
And this is the floating restaurant.  We drove forever to find this place.  Sister Tanner had checked it out.  She is amazing to find fun things to do.  I didn't have any idea that the Philippines could have such a nice place.  So out of character from what we see.  It was the most amazing restaurant I have ever been to - Sorry Maddox!   The food was delicious!!!!
This was taken while on the floating restaurant.  At first it looked like a smiling face.  The 2nd eye is kind of faded - you can barely see it.
There we are - hard at it.  We ordered one of everything and it was all delicious!  The couple across from Norm are from Australia.  You can see President and Sister Tanner.
The couple  on the right are the Robertsons and they leave this Saturday for Utah.  This is the 3rd Sr. couple that has gone home in the last two months.  That leaves Norm and I the only ones on Bohol.
It got dark on us we ate so much and so long!

This is one of the homes Jerome is building.  They are hoping to have 27 homes done in a month, by the end of May.  That will be nothing short of a miracle to me.
Don't you just love the ladder!!

This is the lady who will be living in this home.  They are the nicest people and so appreciative.
Couldn't resist taking a picture of Grandpa taking a picture of these cute kids.
The beginnings of another home replacing the one by it.

I love this picture.  So typical.  They most always have beautiful flowers and they always leave their shoes at the door.  They never wear shoes in their homes.
This cute lady will have this home.
Pretty cute don't you think?!?!
A very common sight,

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