Sunday, May 3, 2015

Norm pictures

We were teaching in this "home" and I thought I could hear a pig.  Sure enough, it was under the house with piglets.
Same pig - different view.

Front of the house - I am always amazed that they plant flowers.  The man is sitting on the porch and there were 6 of us on that porch and it was very warm.
It is the season for "flame" trees.  They are gorgeous.
The rest are random pictures from Norm's ipad.  Notice the man climbing the tree.
And you surely don't want to miss out on this.  Hope you take in the pink cupboards and the cooking supplies.  That is as good as it gets here.
A house that is being built by the LDS Charities.  These are not members but a community the church is helping.  
Waiting for Elder and Sister Uzelac to get off the ferry.  They ride the yellow starcraft.  The big white one is a craft that carries trucks and cars etc.
Brother and Sister Uzelac from Salt Lake.  This is their 4th mission.  They lived in Missouri and their first two missions were there working in the mission presidency and also doing an inner city mission.  Then they went to Africa and worked in the temple and now they are doing self reliance in Cebu.  They are very successful people.  They work out of Cebu but we hope to see them a lot in Bohol. They are planning a 5th mission to go to Africa and work in the temple when it opens.
Norm was so impressed with how they cut wood.  They just eyeball it and it is STRAIGHT.  They cut their own wood for the houses they are building.

These are some chocolate hills.  Really a pretty view.
Jerome Cacho - he lives in Tagbilaran and he is in charge of the 27 houses that are being built by LDS Charities.  We transport him around a lot  A very wonderful man!  He is a great missionary and so wants the church to be recognized in these building projects.  He is not being paid for this work.

Mahogany wood.  Norm was so impressed with how beautiful the wood is.  It was a huge tree and they eyeball cutting it and it is perfectly straight.  This tree is 27 years old.
Norm really isn't helping with the building as we had hoped but we are the wheels for Jerome.
This is a tree house a less active brother lives in.  He actually sleeps at the top.  Elder Schnoor is in the corner. He is from Canada.
The mission home.  We have had the privilege of staying here many times.  President and Sister Tanner are so gracious.  It is a little hard to return to our apartment.
A map of our mission.  The green is Cebu East Mission.  The skinny island on the left is Cebu - you can see Lapu-Lapu on the bottom of it and that is where Jake is.  The mission office is in Liloan.  Then you catch a ferry and cross the water for about an hour and arrive at Tubigon.   This whole island is Bohol.  We live in Calape.  We spend a lot of time in Loon with the sisters and if you travel on you come to Tagbilaran and that is where we do our shopping.  So it is about an hour drive from Calape to Tagbilaran.  

There is a McDonalds in Tubigon where the ferry comes.  Going on that direction is Inabanga where Jake served the first 5 months of his mission.  You can see Carmen in the middle of the island and that is where Jake opened an area about the time we got here.  We travel up to Talibon and Ubay - they are all part of our zone.  The other half of the island is another zone and the senior missionaries have now left there so we are basically the only senior couple on this whole island.  We put a lot of miles on the truck.  That is ok because the truck is air conditioned and it is HOT!!!

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