Monday, September 28, 2015

Sept 20 - 27

This week has been scarce on the picture taking.  Our biggest activity was transfers and that was the hardest we have done so far.  We started gathering people on Tuesday - some had to go to Cebu for early meeting.  Then we gathered more on Wednesday and Thursday was the biggest day.  We started at 5:00 a.m.  Made 4 trips to the ferry - delivering and picking up and transporting.  At one time we had 6 missionaries in our truck besides us.  5 were in the back seat and they are not small people and I had an extra one in front with me and that meant I was sitting on the gear shift.  We were very cozy and thank goodness it was a short drive of about 15 minutes.  Later we had 6 more but 2 of the elders climbed in the very back of the truck and that was dandy.  We started at 5:00 a.m. and returned home a little after 10 p.m.  I am always so grateful when everyone is delivered safely.  You can picture all of the luggage.  Each missionary having 2-3 luggage and bagss.

We needed to take one elders luggage to him on Friday morning and that was an hour and a half drive away so we spent much time getting people where they needed to go.

Sunday we went to church in Panglao which is close by where we live.  Norm and I spoke and I also played the keyboard.  It certainly isn't my favorite to play but we got along.  The talks went ok I think.  I told them we were Elder Tolman's grandparents and several of them came up afterwards with such big smiles on their faces.  They love Elder Tolman.  The usual comment, he works hard - it was his last area and it is so fun to follow where he has been.  Although I do miss him as we drive by his apartment a lot.

They meet in the cutest place.  Below is the sacrament table.  They had just taken the white cloth off.  I loved the cute plants behind.  They had plants everywhere which is unusual where we have been before.

This is the outside of their church.  The door is where the people are standing.  It just seems like the Garden of Eden to me.  There is always so much green and flowers.  It is really beautiful!!

I am going to teach this sister piano lessons.  She does play already so we will see how that goes.  She is married but her husband isn't active.  She gave the Sunday School lesson and did a wonderful job.  That is the group leader standing by her.

This is Brother Lock and Sister Ruby.  Jake helped get the paper work ready so she could be baptized.  They had 3 different dates for her but things kept getting confused.  Jake had to get it all straightened out.  Brother Lock is from North Ogden.  He is in his 70's and she is in her 20's.  Don't know how long they have been married, but she is the sweetest and the prettiest lady.

After our meetings in Panglao we went to Bililihan to their group meeting at 2:30.  They meet in the Elders apartment. The Elders move everything out and put up chairs.  We started out with 11 people counting Norm and I and the two Elders and the group leader.  After we started a mother and her little daughter came and after that 2 investigators came so we made it to 15.  At first I thought it was kind of hard for such few people.  I didn't understand the talks in Cebauno - one missionary talked and the group leader talked.  But the sweetest sister gave the Sunday School lesson and it was just precious.  She spoke a lot of English and she was so personable - just walking around and talking to everyone.  It was wonderful and I was so glad we were there.

For what it is worth this is the view outside our bedroom window.

  On Saturday we attended this self reliance graduation.  68 graduated.  It was amazing to me.  It is sort of like a bridgerland program, they can do sewing, cooking, welding, etc.  They attend a 12 week course and they graduate.  This is a huge milestone for these dear people.  It just thrilled me to see them progress and improve their lives. They had a wonderful graduation.  I don't know where they got the cap and gowns but they were all so happy.  They had the graduation music and all.  Much food afterwards.  It was a grand occasion.

Elder and Sister Bell attended with us and afterwards he installed a warm water heater in our shower.  I can not tell you how grateful I am.  I just dread showering and washing the hair takes a lot of gritting teeth but he installed this box thing and it works and I will be forever grateful.

My next happiest news is I found some canned beans.  I love green beans.  By far my favorite vegetable.  When we first came last year I could find canned beans and they were't too bad.  I bought quite a bit but then they weren't available any more  I have hunted for MONTHS for more green beans but they just have rows and rows of peas and corn and I don't like either of them.

Well, Friday much to my amazement as I was checking, the can said green beans.  I actually had to get out my glasses and see if I was seeing right.  They had 12 cans of them and I bought all 12.  I was back the next day wondering if they would have more but nope.  Peas were in the same place.  I will surely enjoy my beans although I did give a few away to Sister Bell.  Quite noble of me as I am not sure if they will appear again. 

Our apartment is getting to feel more like home.  Did a bit of baking today - last week we ran out of gas so for 4-5 days there was no cooking.  It seems we are always trying to figure something out.  But I now have gas, green beans and a warm shower.  Things are looking UP!!  

Sorry I didn't get to hear the women's conference.  I tried to listen but it kept freezing on me.  I did see that Claudia Bigler was leading the choir and congregation.  That was fun! 

Love you all bunches!!  

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