Sunday, September 20, 2015

Baptism and District Conference

                                    Week of September 13th to 20th 2015

We took a sister to the hospital last week.  While we were waiting for her x-ray I noticed this sign and thought it was interesting.

Sister Stanley stepped out of the shower and slipped on the tile.  Her knee went out on her and she tried to catch herself with her elbow.  Ended up with two fractures and we were all so grateful it didn't require surgery.  Sister Lappay is her companion.  We rested at McDonalds while waiting for Elder Halladay and the truck.  They are lovely sisters.
These Elders from Panglao invited us to attend their baptism.  We picked them and their bikes up because the bikes needed repair.  On the way to the church I asked who was being baptized.  The Elder said actually Elder Tolman found this sister.  Norm said this wasn't Elder Tolman's area and he said Elder Tolman was on splits and started talking to this lady on the bus.  And the rest of the story is she is now baptized.  Just warmed my heart.  Of course I couldn't wait to tell her we were Elder Tolman's grandparents.  Such a sweet sister.  It took the elder 4 times to baptize her.  It was his first and they didn't do a demonstration.  She couldn't get her nose plugged and he couldn't get her completely under.  Such a sweet lady.

This weekend has been our District Conference - better known as stake conference for most of you.  Elder Augustin, an area seventy, was our visiting brother.  We had the privilege of spending much time with him and he truly is a gentle, spiritual giant.  He is from Manila.    The conference went well.  I was in charge of the music which is a little scary.  It all went amazingly well considering we had 3 practices.  I know we had angels singing with us.  It was our last meeting in this area and it truly made me sad to think we were moving on and wouldn't see them as much.  I have grown to love them.

After conference they were taking lots of pictures. The girl second from the left is April and I taught her piano lessons.  She is VERY talented.  Is now off to college and will go on a mission..  I am standing between Britzel and Nino - brother and sister.  They are both in college.  I taught Nino piano.   Their  Grandparents are the Lanzaderas couple that we went to the temple with.  Love them so much.  You never see them but what they hug you and thank you for helping them. Sister Tanner and Sister Bell, our new senior Sister who is teaching me more than I am teaching her for sure.  So very capable and wonderful to work with.

We stayed here Saturday night.  President and Sister Tanner and Elder Augustin were all here.  It was a privilege for us to be with them.  I could just feel their goodness and it was a special experience for me.  This is a rare place to stay in the Philippines, even has a swimming pool which Norm GREATLY enjoyed.  

We are enjoying dinner together.  They have delicious food.  I haven't been much on eating out but this place is good.  I think I have tried most things on the menu and have liked them all - Norm not so much.  He said he preferred their pancakes.

                                                         I love this dear sister!!!!

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