Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Arnel (Aneng) Service Project

A young couple in Loon, Arnel and Meteth need a roof over their dirty kitchen.  Brother Bell and Norm are helping.  Aneng is in the black shirt.  He has a deformed arm you can see on the left but he is an amazing young man. He accomplishes as much as anyone with his one arm. They have been baptized for a year just now.
This is their home - back door.  You can sort of see their bedroom on the inside.  The other little part is kitchen.  I don't think there is a bathroom (CR - comfort room).
Sister Bell and I decided there wasn't a lot we could do so we went to the Loon church and she practiced the piano.  I was going to do indexing but the internet didn't want to do that so I read.  The church had a fan and a bathroom which the building site didn't have so we were in a good place.
The builders took a two hour lunch break so we ran on to Clarin to get a bed.  On our way back the road was closed because this bus ran off the road.  It was only a one lane road because of construction so we watched for a couple hours while they tried to get the bus back on the road.  It was quite the deal.

We made it back to the building a little late.  This is the cement thing they did for the corner posts - Norm is always amazed at how they do things.

I love this boy.  You can see where they cook.  The wood is underneath and they build a little fire on top.

This is a 70ish year old man who is in charge of the project.

Mixing the sand, gravel and cement - every thing is a lot of work.  That is all that got done that day.
Went to church in Panglao.  Soon as I sat down they said they didn't have anyone to teach the Young Women.  I didn't have a manual or a clue what I was going to teach but these are the girls and they are darling.
Monday back on the project.  Sister Bell didn't show up today (wise move on her part) and I spent 6 1/2 hours sitting in the truck.  It took forever to put the boards up.  Norm couldn't believe how fussy they were.  Everything had to be sawed by hand.

Our truck got traded to the Bells for a car.  Don't you love Norm's getup!?!?

A little better view.  He is protecting the ears.

The next day - the tin is finally going on.  Norm thought that would be fast but it wasn't.
This is our 73 year old carpenter.  The first Branch President in Loon.

The full view.

Norm was on the roof too long and it was too hot.  He had either a heat stroke or dehydration but he got really sick.  He wondered if he was going to make it but we are happy to announce he did.

President Saballa is trying to help him.  That is the completed project.  Now they are going to do a floor for them and that will be another project.  I think the Elders will help with that.  It took 4 days to get that much done.  We paid for the materials or it wouldn't have got done at all. We are so happy to be able to help.

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