Sunday, June 21, 2015

CSP with Jake and Sister Tanner

Another house building project - this one more better because we got to spend the day with Jake and Sister Tanner.

Sister Tanner is quite amazing.  She is in the middle of everything.  They are loading up sacks of sand and gravel to take to the sites.

They took the first load to the site and the truck quit on them.  I don't know how Jake did it but he fixed it and from then on he was the driver.
A very memorable experience to be in the mission field with your Grandson. He is so much fun!  Oh that every Grandma could be as blessed as I am.
As I said Sister Tanner is in the middle of everything. We were driving a truck behind this one but there she is - just climbed right in and loving it.  She loves the adventure  She came over on the ferry by herself because her husband had more pressing things going.  I can tell you right now I would have been in her air conditioned mansion if I had my choice.
Now she is standing up taking pictures over the cab.

Elder Tolman and Elder Borrego behind the Carabau - don't know the spelling on that one but they are big and ugly.

This cute guy was tied up by the house we were working on.
He decided to run up the tree and get us a coconut.

Can't quite get use to the feet in the cement.

Norm and Sister Tanner are taking a little lunch break. Everyone always takes their shoes off before going inside.  AND most everyone has a TV.
Jake and Elder Borrego are mixing the cement.

The floor is done and we are about to take off.

The Elders did 3 floors.  This 93 year old lady was so happy to get her house done.

Sister Tanner loves everyone.  She doesn't have a clue who this lady is and I know she isn't a member of the church but such a nice lady.

Off to another baptism in Ubay yesterday.  I think this is the first couple we have seen baptized.  Usually it is a sister and her children.  These two were Catholic and they were so amazing.  They will be a wonderful asset to the branch.  They were just so happy to be baptized. They have 10 children and they are all married.
Our meeting - the branch president's wife is giving one of the talks.
We always furnish cakes.  Our landlord bakes custard cakes and the people just love them.
Our baptism group.

It was a wonderful day weather wise - cloudy which helped it not be so hot.  The tide was in again.

Our landlord just brought over this cake for Norm.  This is his cute daughter.  They own a bakery.

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