Monday, June 8, 2015

P day with Elder Tolman and baptisms

Back together again.  We got to eat lunch with these wonderful Elders - Elder Christensen and Elder Borrego are companions and our Elder Tolman.  
When we took Elder Borrego home this monkey is in his yard.  Pretty awesome.  Jake was the brave one.

And Jake is just like his Dad.  The next thing I heard was ok Grandma it is your turn.  I assured him I was not interested and he marched right over and took hold of my arm and there I was.  The monkey thought it over for a while and then voted me out.

The house building project.  This is what they are looking like.  There is no bathroom or kitchen - that is  all outside.  It is a place of shelter for sleeping etc.  Looks like a little doll house to me.

Another home in the making.  They have to put in a cement floor.  You can see that it is very different from anything Norm is familiar with.
Our zone training meeting in our chapel in Calape.  Not many white people here - I think maybe two Elders.  They are great missionaries.  After the training they always have lunch brought in.  A sister from our ward cooks it and she is really a good cook.
This is a school at the building site.  These are 3-4 year olds.  They are so darling.

We went teaching with the elders.  This cute family are quite interested.  The older man is the Sister's father.  Her husband wasn't there.  Elder Schnorr is from Canada.  He plays the piano and has a lot of fun.  They are good elders.  The father came as we were leaving - he is a pastor but I don't know what that means.  I don't think he does anything.

We went to another home and Norm loved the roosters.  There are roosters EVERYWHERE.  They are tied up and fed well and raised to be cock fighters which is huge over here.  They don't have money but they do gamble.
Saturday we had 3 different baptisms.  We left early to drive 1 1/2 hours to the first baptism in Talibon.  They met in their church and had the meeting and then we loaded all we could in the truck and even stuffed them in the very back and went to the ocean.
At first I thought it wouldn't work because there were so many people there, but we walked quite a ways until we were by ourselves.
This is a very unique experience.  It is  so hot but we just keep going along and it is all worth it.
Then we drove an hour back and went to Tubigan to another baptism.  The mother in the pink shirt and the two daughters were baptized. The sister on the right is preparing to go on a mission.  She wants to take piano lessons and we are going to start that this week.
I loved their bulletin board.  I think a Sister Missionary did this.

Then we drove to Loon for the baptism of the Lanzaderas family.  They asked Norm to baptize them and that was a privilege for him.  Sister Lanzaderas - Arlene - was catholic and she and her daughter were baptized.  Her husband is already a member but on shaky ground.  He is trying really hard to come back and be active.  His parents, Brother and Sister Lanzaderas are standing by them.  He is the one that smoked for 70 years and I don't think he has smoked for 4 months now.  We have been teaching a temple preparation class and they are in it.  We are so hoping they will go to the temple in August.  That is our next temple day.  President and Sister Tanner came over for the baptism.  It is always a great blessing to have them with us.

So yesterday was another P day and we were fortunate enough to get to see Jake again.  We bought some bunk beds for them and we have just delivered them.  This is outside his apartment.  He is on splits with the Elder on the left.  We didn't see his companion.  The other two are Elder Borrego and Elder Christensen who serve on the same island, Panglao.

A better picture of their apartment.  They have both floors.  It is very narrow and up.  The worst stairs ever.  Steep and a lot of them going around a corner.

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