Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Missionary Work

  We went to District Meeting with Jake this week!  He is an awesome District Leader.  Just love to hear him teach!!

Elder Tolman gave Grandpa Norm an opportunity to bear his testimony about the atonement.
These Sisters are in Jake's district and they invited us to go teach this dear sister.  This is Sister Clegg and Sister Storey and they are both from Utah.  Sister Clegg just went home and Sister Storey leaves with Jake.  The investigator they are teaching is Katy.  She has 3 children - speaks good English and has a baptism date.  It was fun to talk to her.  She definitely has a strong testimony and is teaching her children.
This is the outside of her home.
We had to climb through this to get to her home.
Ubay where we have the ocean baptisms just got them a new place to meet.  They have been meeting in the Sisters apartment and they are thrilled to have them a nice place.  This is their first meeting.  They didn't have anyone to play the keyboard so I got to do that.
They had a lot of people come to their first meeting.
                                                                  Sunday School
Picture afterwards of everyone that came.  They were all so happy.  The District Presidency and the Elders make it look like a lot of Priesthood Brethren.  They also had a choir that was good.  I am amazed at what they come up with.
I came across a Grandma retreat.  Any takers?  There are a lot of you that qualify.
Went to a home evening with Jake.  This place was awesome.  We walked through muddy paths, in and around shacks etc. and came to this cinder block room and that is where they live.  Nothing in it but a small table and a TV.  They borrowed stools for us to sit on.  Everyone else sat on the floor.
Jake gave an awesome lesson on the iron rod.  Sorry it is so dark.  Norm had a flashlight he used some of the time.

They have gorgeous rice fields - lots and lots of them.  And such beautiful scenery.

A building house project that they are still working on.  It looks like a little doll house to me.  I was interested in the cute flowers they had planted along the front, they always have flowers.
Down the road from the house were these children going to school.  They all LOVE Norm and they love to have their picture taken.  They always have uniforms to go to school.

Just after this picture we were headed back to our truck and Norm's eye hit head on with a bug.  A very tiny one that must have stung the inside of his eye because it shot pain that was terrible.  He has suffered for 2 days with this.  We tried washing it out with water and later we were able to get some drops but it is red and his vision is skewampus - has us a little concerned.  He can still drive for which we are grateful.  It is red and mattering but it is getting better.
Today, July 8th was a CSP (Community Service Project) to dig a hole for a septic tank.  The ground is like clay and lots of roots and very hard to dig in.
There were 4 Elders, 2 Sisters and Norm.
Another little retreat a few feet away.
They need to dig 6 1/2 feet.  They got it about half done and will finish in the morning.

I was the picture taker and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
The sisters were cleaning the fish for their dinner.  Norm and I left before that happened. These sisters live behind us.  Sister Calautit and Sister Lappay.

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