Monday, May 11, 2015

Josh and Jenny

The long awaited arrival of Josh and Jenny at the airport in Cebu.  How happy we were to see them after waiting for 4 1/2 hours.
Waiting at the pier for the ferry.

Good time to rest on the ferry.  They were exhausted. They had a  long day of making flights.

Inside the ferry.  They have a couple levels - it holds a lot of people.

At the Loomweavers.  Fun place - they make beautiful placemats, purses, backpacks and will custom make about anything you want - covers for Preach My Gospel etc.
Sagbayan peak - chocolate hills country.

Tarsier - cute little fellows!

 We arrived in Loboc and checked out the river cruise only to find out there were masses of people - we could only make a reservation for the next day, Sunday.  We started walking off and the lady said, wait.  How many are in your group?  We told her 4.  She left out the door and when she came back she said we can take you right now.  We paid her the money and walked through the masses of people and right on to the boat.  I will never figure that one out except we were extremely blessed and we had a wonderful time.

All you can eat buffet on the boat.  Good food!

They have wonderful music going all the time - a man playing a guitar and singing.  The people in the blue shirts on the right joined right in and were hitting the table for drums and singing right along.  It was a fun group.

We really had a good time.

So loved having them in our home - eating, playing games and loving every minute.

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