Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sr Couple weekend

A sister in our ward lives here.  Her home was destroyed in the earth quake 16 months ago.  The government put this up for her.  It is her birthday and they really celebrate birthdays although they have nothing.  The tarp is her door.  Under the tin thing is where she cooks I think.  There is no bathroom, no running water and no electricity.  They have a lamp when it gets dark.  
This is Elsa and it was her "45th" birthday.  This is her kitchen inside the blue tarp.  People bring food. The equipment in the back must be something that was salvaged from her home.

Across from the kitchen is the bedroom.  These are her daughters.  She has 4 children.  She cleans for the church for a living which she is so grateful for.
Outside of Elsa's "home" is this basketball court.  Many people live around her and this court is always busy.

This is our toaster which quit toasting.  Quite the gem.  I think it weighed a half lb.  But it is a toaster and we do have electricity and we have since purchased a new toaster.  Can't survive without toast!
My kitchen corner.  Rice cooker in the back - have used only a few times.  Blender is good.  Dish drain.  Most people don't have cupboards, they just keep the dishes in the drainer.
Loading our truck on the ferry to take to Cebu to get repaired.  We have had several mishaps and they are fixing it up to give it to the new Sr. Couple that are serving in Bogo - 2 hours away from mission home but on the same island.
My dear companion.  Pretty handsome young man.
The Caycayons who have served with us on Bohol bought food to eat on the ferry.  Norm and I don't trust the food on the street but they seemed to think it was ok and shared with us.
The ferry is full of beds.  It is a 2 1/2 hour ride so most people sleep.  The Caycayons are on top.  They were totally exhausted.  They had been up since 4 a.m. helping with transfers.

Norm decided to take a rest.
Another shuttle passing by - looks pretty fancy.  We have never been on anything like that.

Approaching Cebu.

Elder and Sister Caycayon - from Hawaii - and Elder and Sister Boothe from South Salt Lake.  The Caycayons served with us on Bohol and the Boothe's were in the office.  Both couples left this week and it was not a good experience for me.
We spent the weekend in Cebu saying goodbye to the Senior Couples and welcoming a new couple from Australia.  We tried another boat experience.  It wasn't raining this time.
Some tried surfing but didn't see any fish.

But we did see some bare bottoms.  There were a couple little guys out floating around.  Having a wonderful time.

It is amazing what people carry on their heads.  I am wondering how good I would be at this.
Oh so sad - our van we were driving around in - President Tanner was driving.  I don't know what we hit but it blew a tire.
How many senior couples does it take to change a tire?
The man standing in the white shirt is Brother Bock and his wife in the red sweater.  I immediately fell in love with them.  They reminded me so much of our dear Grandma Rose who is from Australia.  They don't say their r's and they are so awesome. I just had to hug them.
Elder Caycayon with the car mats under him.
Saturday we went to the temple - Brother and Sister Caycayon - such great people.  She is a classy lady.  Her husband did all of the cooking.  Made bread, made everything.  He loves to cook.  He had about 3 different jobs.  Was a counselor to President Tanner, a group leader on an island off Tagbilaran and a missionary.  He learned the language and everyone just loved him.  She said she just followed him around.  I want her job!
These are the Robertsons who live in Hyde Park.  They come home the lst of May.  They have just been replaced in the office by missionaries so they are going to spend their last 2 months in the Caycayons apartment in Tagbilaran.  We will be happy to have them close by.
And this is our precious Australian couple - the Bocks.  They signed up for 23 months.  A beggar came to his door while we were there changing clothes and he went right up to him and hugged him and got him something to eat.  The man sat on the sidewalk and ate.  He was so much more at home talking to people than we were.  He truly is a people person.  Has been a Branch President in Australia for 16 years.  He had to find someone to replace him so he could serve a mission.
President and Sister Tanner with the Caycayons.  They are all such amazing people and it is truly a privilege to be able to serve with them.  We had a wonderful weekend in the mission home.  We were suppose to go to the ferry after the temple but they couldn't find a room to have a testimony meeting so we went back to the mission home and spent two more nights.  Had a wonderful testimony meeting and then went to church on Sunday.  Had a most delicious Sunday dinner after fasting.  It was so great to be with American people in an American home, eating American food.  Six Elders came over in the evening and sang for us.  I was in heaven and so didn't want to catch the ferry home Monday morning.  I love not being responsible.
Norm and I went for a walk Sunday morning.  This is just outside the mission home looking across the ocean and the buildings you see in the distance is Lapu Lapu where Jake is.  I just had to imagine him.

Swimming pool at President Tanner's.  Norm loves it.  He swam every night and every morning.

Our Sunday dinner in the mission office.  It was so delicious and so fun.  Sister Tanner entertains very well as she does EVERYTHING very well.  I love her so much.  She works day and night and is always so cheerful - just ready to go all the time.  Always has food for however many show up.
Same meal - just wanted to get a view of their kitchen.  She serves a lot of food in this wonderful kitchen.  Under the red cloth are some rolls that I made that didn't bake on the bottom because we used parchment paper.  So we turned them over and baked them some more - you know like twice baked potatoes.  They were tasty in spite of it all.
After we got through eating the office missionaries and AP's came over and she fed them pizza.  So much fun to have them around.
President Tanner was giving them the word.
Monday when we got home the sisters had to go to Tagbilaran to get some xrays befpre they could go home so we were off again.  We hadn't eaten so we went to a Cafe and Norm ordered another Halo Halo. He has become quite addicted to them. It is ice cream, ice, and all kinds of fruits, sometimes beans.  Mix it all together.  It is quite a meal in itself but it is definitely a dessert.

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