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Temple and 81 year old sister is baptized

A little hard to see from this picture but there is quite a load on this tricycle.  It is amazing what they pack down the road.  Beautiful country.

This is a fun little island attached to Bohol.  We go with the missionaries sometimes to visit in this area.

 Our Calape Branch had a special temple day on February 14th.  We picked these precious sisters up at 5:00 a.m. to meet the ferry at 6:00 so we could be on the 9:00 session.  The Sister in the purple is Sister Neuva and she is 80 years old.  She came down the road on the back of a motorbike to meet us at 5:00 a.m.  I don't think she slept all night.  The sister next to her is 74.  Such faithful sisters.  They so appreciated the ride to the ferry.  I think they go to the temple about twice a year. It was a wonderful day.  

We are buying tickets for the ferry.  The sister in the red joined us and I think she is 81 or 82.  I don't know how she came to the ferry but she was there by 5:30.
I went to the 1:00 session by myself.  Norm was in the Family History Center.  As I was coming out I met this wonderful surprise.  I can't tell you what that does to my heart.  They were there with some investigators that were baptized I think that night.  Tremendous Elders!!!  Am I a happy Grandma or what!!!!!

We are waiting at the pier for the ferry.  The sister by me is single, Sister Ligaya Bagio.  She led the singing for our choir, is the District Young Single Adult leader.  Wonderful sister.  Is a good cook and cooks for our district meetings etc.  The Sister in the grey shirt is our Relief Society President.  Married to a white man and she speaks English very well.  She and her husband are temple workers as well as everything else.   All of these sisters speak English quite well.  The Sister holding her fingers up has 5 children and her husband works abroad.  I think she sees him once a year or something like that.  You wouldn't believe where she lives.  I think she does have electricity but they always look so nice.  She has taken a class to learn how to sew.  It is such a slow process.  They get a machine if they take a 12 week course and complete the class which she did.  We carried her machine through rain and mud.  I don't know how they survive.
Back in Bohol.  We are following our twin.  The Caycayons have the same kind of truck as we do and we so love being with them following them around.  They leave this week and we are so sad about that.  They are taking one of the trucks to Cebu for the new missionary couple that has just arrived from Australia.  They will be in Bogo which is at the top of the Island and we definitely will not be working with them.
These are a couple of my piano students.  They are waiting for their lesson in the Loon Church.  They are the cutest boys and they are really practicing.  It is a joy to be with them.  They are trying so hard.

Last week the Robertsons from the mission office came over.  They have been replaced in the office with Elders.  They will be released the 1st of May so they are going to move into the Caycayons apartment in Tagbilaran for 2 months and help out there.  We will be happy to have them here with us on Bohol.  They came over to get a little acquainted with the surroundings.
Norm ordered a Halo Halo which is desert.  We all had a wonderful meal and then they brought out his Halo Halo.  He was overwhelmed.  We all waited while he ate it.  It is a meal in itself.  They put all kinds of fruit, beans, ice, ice cream etc.  It is really delicious and it is BIG!
This cow is a little bit in the way.  Small matter!
Terrible picture but these Elders are on top of the tricycle.  They called  and  wanted their picture taken as they drove by.
We had a baptism for an 81 year old sister, Sister Reymunda, and also an  8 year old little girl  The sisters asked us to pick them up and then go pick up Sister Reymunda and the 8 year old.  We got Sister Reymunda and then went on for the 8 year old.  The sisters got out to get her and while they were gone this lady comes down the road - we couldn't drive up the trail to the house - with her 3 children and climbs in the back of the truck with Sister Reymunda.  We didn't know what was going on and no one was talking to us.  Finally the sisters came back and the ones in the back seat were the ones they had gone to get.  Well, it was all wonderful but they all filled up the back seat and there was no place for the sisters but the back of the truck.  Nothing for them to sit on.  They had to just bounce along for about a half hour.

We made it to the church and this is our dear sister walking in.

Taking pictures before the baptism.  It took both of the Elders to baptize Sister Reymunda.  It was really difficult getting her in the water and then getting her down and up.  An experience I will never forget.

The sisters who helped teach her.  The Sister in the pink is just getting ready to leave on a mission.
This is the Mother and two other children in the family of the cute little 8 year old.  Don't know who the man is.

President and Sister Tanner came over for our District Conference.  They had to get a van from the Elders so they surprised us and came to the baptism.  They just loved it.
Getting in the truck to go home.  Sister Tanner asked if she could go with us to take her home.  I told her no, there wasn't room.  She climbed in anyway and was in the back of the truck bumping along with the Sister Missionaries.  She had on this light colored skirt and she really was on her way to conference but it didn't bother her any.  She loved the experience. 

We are out of the truck going to start up a trail to where she lives.  I couldn't believe she could make it because it was quite a way in the jungle and we were stepping over all kinds of things.

This is her home and her son who is 50 and gay.

This is her CR - comfort room or better known as bathroom.
 Another picture of the Lanzadares family.  It has almost been a month now since he has quit smoking.  He was to conference this weekend with a big smile on his face.  The man in the hat just happened by.  He is also a member but less active.  Brother Lanzadares is working on him.  He is a great missionary.  Brother Lanzadares has his grand daughter who wasn't feeling well and the sister missionaries are Sister Grigg and Sister Palmieri from California.  They are working so hard in this area.  Great missionaries.

 We found this little hut thing by the water.  Kind of fun.  It is about 20 minutes away from us and you pay 20 pesos for an hour per person to go there.  It is a pretty view of the ocean.  We enjoyed a few minutes.  I am facing the water - sorry  - that would have been a much better picture.  Taking a pillow next time.

 Back to Sister Oncines.  Our Sister Missionaries went with us this time.  A man was there whom she said was her Uncle but we know it is a boyfriend.  We are so sad and so trying to help her.  That is wood for her to make a fire and cook.  The cloth hanging down is her door.  Roof not in too good a shape.

This picture makes it look big but it isn't.

Another day we went with the Elders.  These are her two youngest daughters.  The one in red is in the 3rd grade and the other one is 4th grade.  They don't live there because they don't like the man.  I guess the mother was mean to them so they are a little afraid of her now.  They just come and visit.  We are so sad about it all.  We have talked with the branch president.  We give her a little food.  We took her some glasses because she said her eyes were bad and she couldn't read.  We later learned that she doesn't know how to read.

We told her about conference and the Elders told her we wanted her to come and she surprised us and came.  Afterwards she and the sister missionaries came over to our place and ate along with President and Sister Tanner.  She can't talk to us but the Sister Missionaries are a huge blessing to us.  I think she enjoyed it.  I sent her home with food not realizing until later that she wouldn't have anywhere to put it.  Oh well,  I hope she didn't just feed the boyfriend and I mostly hope she know we love her.
 We have lots of these kinds of pictures.  A meeting of some kind and every time there is a meeting there are lots of pictures.  We really love being with the missionaries.  We can communicate with most of them.

 And this is the choir we worked with to sing for our District Conference, yesterday, February 21 and 22nd.  We sang "I Know That My Savior Love Me" Saturday night and we sang "If The Savior Stood Beside Me and I Need Thee Every Hour for the Sunday Meeting.

It was an interesting experience.  I learned a lot.  I think they did a good job. It was our first conference.  A lot of people came.  Norm and I both spoke.  That was harder than being in charge of all the music.  I played on an electronic piano.  I tried my best to make it sound pretty.  There is an organ button and a piano button.  The volume is controlled by another button but you have to take your hands off and change it.  Well, all in all, it was ok.

I loved listening to President Tanner.  He is truly an inspired Mission President.  It is such a blessing to be with him and Sister Tanner.  The other speakers took too much time and there was only 15 minutes left for the two of them.  Sister Tanner took 2 minutes and President Tanner packed a lot into 10 minutes.  It was a privilege to have them in our home to eat afterwards.

This has taken way too long and I don't have time to proof - so hope it makes sense.  Love you all!

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