Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our boy and CSP

Visited Oncines Family - the family Jake found and baptized.  The father passed away since and Sister Oncines is struggling.  These are her two youngest and the two missionaries that visit her.  This is truly her home and she has absolutely nothing.  We took her a little food - have no idea what she lives on.

Precious Jenny Rose - We sat on this bench.  About a foot away is where she builds a small fire to cook on.  There is no water or bathroom.  Couldn't see a bed, there must have been a mattress somewhere. Could see no sign of food anywhere - no dishes, no sink, there was just a wall
The highlight of the week was seeing Jake.  He is an amazing missionary.  We went to Cebu to a special meeting with President Beck, General Young Men's President and his wife and Elder Bowen of the Seventy and his wife.  They are in the area presidency in Manila.  It was a great meeting.  Norm and I went a day early on the ferry and went to the temple.  Stayed at the patron house that cost us $2.50 to stay a night.  Wonderful deal.  They have a cafeteria there but it is Filipino food which isn't our favorite.  They have a distribution center there and a family history center there.  We visited all of them.  It was a wonderful two days.

I gave Jake extra hugs from all of you who wanted to give him a hug.  I so wish we were still in the same area.  It is impossible for us to visit him now.
We had a Community Service Project tearing down this school which was damaged in the earthquake a year ago.  The whole thing was this white cement - thick walls.  The men took sledge hammers and literally pounded the walls out.  It was a huge project.  I wished I had taken a picture before we started.

When they got it loosened a little in some places they could tie on to something and pull some of it down.
A classroom in another school nearby.

The back wall was the last to go.

Another tug of war or rather tug of cement.
This is Nino that I teach piano lessons to.  The cutest guy.  He is also Brother Lanzaderas' grandson.  His mother is a school teacher and lined up this project.  The most wonderful people.

And the walls came tumbling down.  I think they are hiring someone to come take down the roof and then they are going to rebuild.
These are the children that were in the two classrooms. It will be their new school.

It has been a lovely Sabbath day.  We picked up Sister Oncines and took her to church in Inabunga.  We had our 3rd choir practice this afternoon for conference which is two weeks from today.  I think it is going to turn out ok.  I am playing and Sister Ligaya Bagio is leading.  It is mostly young people and most of them are the missionaries here.  It won't be fancy but it will happen.

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