Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week with Jake

Jake invited us to join their zone p day.  They went to the most famous tourist attraction - Loboc.  You go on a river boat and they have a very nice buffet and they entertain you along the way.  It was very beautiful and we were so happy to enjoy this with Jake and his zone.

Our precious Elder and his companion Elder Francom.  On our way to the boat.

Jake and Elder Francom eating Crab.  We were served a delicious buffet - all you could eat.  We didn't try the crab.

                         A view going down the river - that is what our houseboat looked like.

We stopped and they entertained us here with singing and dancing  and some missionaries did the pole dancing too.  It was really fun!

Jake invited us to their home evening which was really afternoon.  It was the first they had done this in their new area they just opened it.  It was suppose to start at 2:00 and there was hardly anyone there at 3.  I was worried - they had planned on 40 people but it rained and when it rains everything stops.  But the people did come and they had a wonderful time.

Jake had it wonderfully organized.  They showed a DVD about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and missionary work.  They talked in Cebauno so we mostly just loved the spirit of the occasion.

I love to hear Jake teach.  He truly loves these people!!!!

Our Calape missionaries are doing a service project.  We were hauling wood down a mountain for some members.  They loaded the truck too full and lost the load in the middle of the road. It took many trips of smaller loads.  This is Elder Borrego from Show Low.  A wonderful Elder.  We were suppose to be through by 11:00 and we didn't get home until 2:30.  All other plans for the day were rearranged.  It rained.  All the wood is cut by hand.  They are amazing people.

After they hauled the wood down the mountain they had to drive a long ways 15 minutes or so to the place that they are working on and then unload the wood on the side of the road and carry it up a rocky, muddy trail to the other place.  They have no equipment and they work so hard.

Jake invited us to their baptism in Carmen.  An unforgettable experience for us.  We loaded our truck with people and Jake and Elder Francom took the motor.  It was way out on rocky bumpy roads.  Unbelievable how far these people travel on bad conditions and they have no transportation.  

This was the top - from here you go DOWN a very steep rocky, grassy trail to the water.
It was like we were camping.  There was the water and lots of trees.  Everything had to be hauled down this precarious trail.  I had a hard time making it on all fours.  They brought blankets and made a place to change.  They hauled all the chairs, table, baptismal clothes.  It was not the ordinary baptism.  It was a very spiritual experience.

Jake loves these little kids.  They are so cute.

I am sitting by the Mother that was baptized.  Norm is sitting by her little boy.  Jake baptized both of them and Elder Francom baptized the girl.  I think she was a cousin or something.

Jake has a stick and is trying to test how the deep the water is as he goes out. This was their second baptism here.  The first time the water wasn't so deep and he could see the rocks better.  He slipped a couple times and sometimes he went pretty deep.
An occasion I will always remember.  She is a dear sister.

To see that precious little boy out in that big water with Jake holding on and then to experience the Priesthood and the special baptism that took place in the beauty of the valley was inspiring.

Precious experience.

I had to save every picture.  Couldn't get enough.

Jake leaving Bohol  on the ferry for Cebu.  It was like taking him to the MTC for me.  We have so enjoyed being on this island together.  We will not be able to join him in his new area.

 This past week has been our first typhoon experience.  They evacuated the missionaries and many of them were around us.  They kept telling us to be prepared with a tank full of gas, plenty of water, extra food, 72 hour kit etc.  They couldn't tell for sure when it was coming, how hard it would be etc.  We got lots of conflicting stories and most of the time we heard nothing and just kept wondering what we were in for.

They had such a devastating experience last year that they wanted to be prepared for this.  There was much fasting and praying and truly the Lord blessed us.  After it was all over we hardly even got any rain, no wind but our power was out for toooooo long.  No power is no fan and that is BAD.  It is also no water and of course no lights.  One good thing was the weather was a little cooler and very overcast which helped out the no fan situation.

This picture is taken outside of our apartment by our gate.
 I tried to help out with food as best as I could.  I had a gas stove which helped with the cooking.  We had as many as 16 missionaries eating with us.  They are WONDERFUL young people.
Norm and the boys

 Love the flowers here.  There is so much poverty but they have the most beautiful flowers and trees.
 President and Sister Tanner had their daughter, Laura and her husband, Chad and two daughters, Avery and Macy come for 3 weeks.  We got to spend an afternoon with them and loved every minute. Wish you had been here with us Paul.  :)   This is Sagbayan, part of the chocolate hills and the beautiful country.
Those are our missionaries in a tricycle.  We just happened upon them as we were driving down the road.  Two elders and two sisters on their way to Inabunga where Jake served.  

Brother and Sister Tanner and family walked across this  narrow muddy bank to see a precious Racoma family and take them some cookies.

These are rice fields.  Truly a beautiful place. No wonder Jake loves this island.  Not a bit like the city.

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