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Sagbayan group and ocean baptism

More Happenings on the Island of Bohol
These Elders live here - Elder Mata and Elder Espiritu - and they were so excited to open up this new area and meet in their apartment. The big doors is where they hold church and you will see that on the inside - you go in and face the street.  They don't use the doors.
Inside their door.  This is where they hold Primary and up the stairs is their apartment.  This dear Sister has 13 children I think.  Her husband is the group leader.

This is set up for Sacrament meeting and we are facing the big doors.  Kind of noisy but they are so happy to have a place to meet.  The Elders totally set this up to every detail.  Elder Halladay and I spent a few days hauling chairs, pulpit, blackboard etc.  We got them what they needed but they organized and took care of everything and did a wonderful job.  They had about 25 come.
The back of the room is their kitchen.  They cleaned EVERYTHING off and covered it to make it look nice.  The door leads to the "dirty kitchen".
The worst part was the "comfort room" they call it.  The shower leaks - the drain is up in the corner where you can't see it.  We hope they will change the shower into a sink and it will solve the drain problem as well.  Feet get wet as you use this facility.
In case you think this is in a fancy area - this is across the street.
And this is also across the street - looking from the balcony of the apartment.
This is a dirty kitchen they call it.  You can see the sink, the gas cooker is on the side and the water jug is the blue.  That is the only water you dare drink,  They don't have drinking water in any church.
Another view of the dirty kitchen.   This is out the back door of their apartment.
When we first got to Calape where we live I had HUGE bad thoughts about our apartment.  I wondered if I could make it work.  When I saw what others live in ours looked better all the time.  This is the 2nd place we saw and it is the zone leaders apartment.  The toilet is about a foot and a half off the ground.  There is no seat.
Christmas Eve at our apartment.  Sister Tanner's daughter came over from Brigham and Marie sent a few things from home with her that I had requested.  I wrapped in garbage sacks as it was the only thing I had.  Norm was short on ties so Marie sent 4 more out of his closet.  Soon as I got the package at Thanksgiving I just hung one of the new ties on Norm's rack.  It was a maroon one which he didn't have any that color.  He wore it the next day and never said a word.  So a week later I add another tie and he wears it and never says a word.  The third week I add another tie and the same thing.  For Christmas I wrapped the last tie.  He couldn't figure out how I got that tie.  Marie also sent a package of tapioca which I can't buy here and he loves and she sent a few more CD's to add to our 1.  It was a fun Christmas.  Wondering if I have enough energy to put away my decoration !?!!
Another earthquake disaster from a year ago.
Saturday, December 27th we went to Ubay - 2 hours away for another ocean baptism.  They are very precious occasions.  They asked us during the week if we could come and help transport people as it takes about a half hour to get there.  The baptism was at 10 and they wanted us there at 9 so that meant leaving at 7:00.  They also wanted me to give a talk on families are eternal.

The night before I get another text which says, sorry Sister but we have to change the time of the baptism to 8:00 - can you be here at 7:00.  That meant up at 4:30 to leave at 5:00.  The loss of sleep was well worth it.  It was a lovely ride that time of morning.  It started raining before we got there.  This is the long, bumpy, muddy road to the ocean.
When we got there the tide was way out.  I just didn't think it was going to happen but after a little bit the sun came out and it was a lovely day.
This is the dear sister who was baptized - Sister Esterlina Mendez Bulabox and her brother who baptized her.  He is very active.  The week before in church he was giving the lesson and talked about the Philippines being Zion.  He had been to the states but he said the Philippines was the best.
This is the group that attended the baptism.  The branch president is on the front left.  Then two missionaries and the sister missionaries who taught her.  Other members and friends etc.
The sister is standing by her husband who is going to be baptized in January if he lives the Word of Wisdom.  Those are the sister missionaries and her brother.
We have already walked out quite a ways and they are still walking.
Beautiful scenery and a beautiful day.  A very spiritual experience.
They were quite delighted to gather star fish.
The Branch President's wife always furnishes food.  That pot is full of Bihon which is very thin-like spaghetti cooked with soy sauce and a few carrots, and a little meat - this had liver :(  You will notice the stack of plates and glasses.  They are all glass and they bring everything on a motorbike.   They have a bag with a drawstring that the dishes go in and another bag for the pot.  They totally amaze me.  Our landlord runs a bakery and is always bringing us goodies.  In the box is a BIG custard cake which we took to share.  Worked out perfectly.  They ran out of plates and some took the lid of the cardboard box and tore it in pieces and used for plates.  Everything was totally devoured.
This is the church we went to this morning in Loon  (pronounced low-own) 25 minutes away from where we live.  Those are two of the sister missionaries that live behind us.  I gave 5 piano lessons after church.  I think 3 of them are pretty promising.  This is our second week -I so want to help them.

For sacrament meeting they had two speakers and then they announced Norm would be the concluding speaker.  He stood up and said he thought it would be nice if we stood and sang a song  The poor girl playing the piano is just a beginner and had no clue what was going on.  She asked me if I would play.  Totally putting her on the spot.  Then he asked the sister missionaries to speak and he asked me to speak which left him 5 min. to give his prepared talk.  Sometimes I feel like to squish him.  I guess he thought he was in charge and could do what he wanted and he did.

This is Sister Syballa and her daughter, Liahona, it was their house that they poured cement floor.
The District President came over and asked if I would be in charge of the music for our upcoming conference which is January 24 and 25th.  I am to put a choir together.  Now that should be interesting.  I haven't met one person that can play the piano.  They all live miles away. I have no clue how that is going to happen.

I am happy to say this past week has been cooler.  I don't have the air conditioner on right now - just a fan.  We always have both going.  December and January I understand are suppose to be cooler and even though it is hot - it is cooler.

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