Sunday, November 30, 2014

Great week and Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 26th, we went on a couple appointments with the Sister Missionaries and it was the best missionary day we have had.  The Sister above owns the home where Jake first lived.  She is a member and endowed but doesn't wear garments now.  Has been offended etc.  These are a couple grandchildren that live with them I think.  This is a little store they run.

This is outside of the above family.  The endowed sister Erma is in the sleeveless top and grandchildren.  She is extremely nice.  Her husband is a member and active.  By her is her daughter, Reggie, who is also a member.  Her husband is not a member and drives truck and comes home 2 days a month.  That makes it really hard to teach him and for him to go to church.  I think she would like to go to the temple. The young girl in the white shirt belongs to the family that Jake baptized and the father died.  I think she stays with this family to help them out.  She does go to church and sees her family on the weekend.

As we started to gather chairs etc outside I felt a bit uncomfortable but as we started talking about the gospel those things became secondary and there was truly a spirit of testimony.  We talked to them and bore our testimonies and it was a feeling of love and wanting to help them.  That is where they cook behind them.

Another family we visited.  The sister in the levis is a member.  She teaches Relief Society but every week the other teachers don't show up and they just tell her she is teaching.  She doesn't like it.  Her husband is newly baptized but isn't going to church and is avoiding the missionaries.  He fixes trucks and was right there behind us working.  He did shake our hands.  The mother of the three little ones left them and and this dear sister is trying to take care of the little ones.  That is their father.  He is not a member and does not have a job.

Don't be too envious of my wonderful hairdo.  It has been over 3 months since anything was done to my hair.  It is use to being cut about every 6 weeks or 2 months.  AND my curling iron is barely getting warm.  BUT tomorrow is the day, I am going in for a hair cut and I am quite nervous about it.  and I am also going after a curling iron.  I will be a new woman.  Can hardly wait.

Thanksgiving Day - and do we have a story.  The night before we were told a typhoon was headed our way.  About midnight a torrential rain came and then the wind blew and there were all kinds of terrible noises.  About 1:30 I can down and discovered a large puddle of water on the floor.  I got out some pans and positioned them around along with rags etc.  Went back to bed still torrential rain.  When we got up there was no power.  That means no water, no fan, and no cook turkey in slow cooker beings our oven only cooks at 425.  It was just not a happy morning for me.  We had invited 10 missionaries over to eat at 7:00 pm because they had to keep their appointments before then.

But about 10:30 a.m. the power came on and we appreciated it even more.  We got the fan on and put the turkey in the oven because we were a little late.  Then we transported it over to the slow cooker so I cook bake brownies and rolls.  It took me all afternoon to bake and I did a fruit salad and a cabbage salad.  The above picture I am just walking in the gate after being to the market.  That is the garbage truck.

These are 8 of our 10 missionaries that came and ate.  I love them all so much.  The zone leaders came later.  The sister missionaries all live right behind us.  Like 3 feet.  We are all in the same complex.  I am so glad to have them there.  They are a great help in helping us figure things out.  The white sister is from Logan and goes home in April.  She is a wonderful missionary and I am thinking Cody ought to look her up. The white Elder with glasses is from Logan and the Elder with the red tie is from Show Low "Elder Borrego".  (The mission where Landon is serving.)  He is just new here and is a wrestler.  Great Elder.  All of them are wonderful.  They were here for over 2 hours.  I was so tired I was sick.  They consumed our every chair.  No place to sit down but they ate and visited and laughed and then did it all over again.  It really was fun to have them here and I was so happy to be able to do that.  We were happy to find a turkey.  It was a 10 lb. turkey breast and cost us over $40 but it was worth it.  The icing on the brownies was gooey.  Set up on top but got gooey.  I suppose it has something to do with the humidity.  Cooking isn't too much fun here but I keep trying.

Our Christmas tree.  That is truly the extent of my creativity. It is rainy again today and the temperatures have cooled a bit.  It is still sticky but definitely cooler.

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