Sunday, January 4, 2015

Typhoon, New Year Party, Missionary Visits

                                               Unannounced Typhoon - December 28th, 2014
Monday night, December 29th, the rain came in torrents and the wind was unreal.  No one had warned us and we thought, this is quite a storm.  We were up a lot through the night wondering what was going on.  The power went off for 23 hours.  That is not good.  Means no water, no fan, plus the regulars.  (The size of the trunk took much more than our little saw.  Look for the roots there.)

By morning it was calm but we got a text from President Tanner saying that a large Mango tree had come down on President Saballa's home and tricycle and he suggested we check on it.  Couldn't believe that disaster could strike him twice.  That is the home that we just did the cement floor.

When we arrived it was for real. Underneath that tree is his house and his tricycle.  We called the missionaries and they canceled district meeting and came.  Norm bought 3 saws that were worthless for the job.  President Saballa had a couple hackers.  The missionaries worked hard.

The miracle of the whole thing was when they got the tree off the tricycle it was unscathed.  Absolutely not damaged in any way.  It truly was a miracle and he was so grateful.  It could have been flattened.

It made for quite the service project.  We spent hours there and went back two days later and finished.

President Syballa knew someone that had a chainsaw and he saved us a lot of work.  He did the big stuff.  We helped out with a few more Christmas pesos and were grateful for the help.
A little side project in the front of their home.  You can see the tricycle in the road.  That is how he makes his living.

This is the extent of the damage to his home.  It could have been much worse.  The famous blue tarp took a bit of a beating.
Norm standing by some bananas on the side of their home.  Bananas kind of grow upside down. in large bunches.
We ate inside - bananas, drink, and some breads.  This is the famous cement floor.  They haven't moved in yet except for the table.  They treat the cement like we do a hardwood floor.  They take their shoes of at the door and sweep the cement.
On our way home we passed this tricycle transporting 3 pigs - to market to market!
We get a call from the zone leaders that they had pulled in their van to wash it and could not get traction to get out.  They backed up and splattered mud all over the building.  We bought a rope and pulled and pulled which was worth a few feet but then we broke the rope.  Back to the market for more rope.
This time we doubled the rope
And met success. 
Our New year's Eve party in our church.  There were 20 missionaries.  They began at 6:00 p.m. to watch a movie "Dragon 2".   They were so excited to watch a movie - they do that once a year on New Year's Eve and it has to be a Disney movie.  Norm and I weren't nearly so excited.  Afterwards Norm and I bought pizza for the group and pop.  I made a very large fruit salad and my sheet was a tablecloth.  It was a party.  It was over by 9:00 as the missionaries had to be home by 9:30.  They really do enjoy just being together.

When we got home Norm went to bed forgetting it was New Year's Eve.  So I found me a cadbury bar and a mango and munched and entertained myself.  But my funnest memory is at midnight there was all this commotion outside.  Fireworks, motorbikes etc.  I opened the door and standing on top of the table outside was Sister Mangompit blowing her horn and screaming and yelling and Sister Deliarte was with her doing the same only she wasn't on the table.  I love those sisters.  They are so fun!
Friday afternoon we went on some appointments with our local missionaries, Elder Borrego from Show Low, Arizona and Elder Banham from Logan. This man is reading the Book of Mormon.  This is where he lives.  In the corner is a very small room.  There was no bed in it.  Just don't know how he lives.  Saw no place where he could cook.
This is where we taught him.  We sat on the benches.  The Elders on one and Norm and I on the other.  This investigator was on the chair.  He is making a canoe type of thing.  We offered to give him a ride to church which is a long ways away for him.  He accepted and we picked him up today for church.  He had on a clean shirt.  Don't have a clue where that came from.  So hope he will continue to come.
Then we visited the Santiago family.  They are members.  We also invited them to come to church with us and they said they would.  Only one could come because one has to stay home and make sure their property is protected.  None of these people speak English.  They speak Cebauno with the Elders and we just listen and smile.  She also came to church today.  She was very friendly with some sisters there. I was so happy to have her there.  She is 58 and he is in his 70's.  He doesn't have good health and when he comes to church he walks.  He starts about 5:30 - 6:00 to get there by 9:00.  He just stays for Sacrament meeting and then walks home  It is an unbelievable walk.
This is one of my piano students, his name is Ezra Bagio.  This is their home which is so much nicer than anything else we have seen besides where we live.  They said they had a keyboard but when I got there it only works from Middle C up, nothing works below.  This is my keyboard I take with me.  He is a cute little boy but it will take some time. You wouldn't believe the outside of their home.  They live in the back of her Mother's home.  They don't have a front door just a side door and another family lives in back of that.  Just one continuous place.
The 2nd counselor in our branch presidency lives here.  The typoon made this mess in his yard from the house next door.  His house was destroyed a year ago and he has made this for his family.  His wife is not a member.

This is the front of his home.  We park by the fence.  You can see the ocean out back. They do have pretty flowers in their yards.

Today, Sunday, January 4th was interesting.  So happy our appointments came to church.  The Sister who usually plays the piano didn't show up so I got to play.  Quite enjoyed that.  Didn't understand anything of Sunday School.  Understood a little in Relief Society.

Right after church we went to Loon for 5 piano lessons.  The first girl is so darling - very talented but she didn't have a place to practice so not much progress there.  She said this week she is going to school in Tagbilaran and she thinks she can find a piano so she can practice.

The 2nd student is a young man, he couldn't make it so his friend came and said he wants to take.  I have to copy all the music off - and was very thankful I had something with me that I could give to him.  I think he will be good.

The next two sisters who are both returned missionaries didn't show up and the last little girl had lost her music and there was nothing done there.  I am not sure how successful that venture is going to be.

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