Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Great week with Jake

Heavy load - motorbikes every where!  They dart in and out like crazy.  Way more motorbikes than vehicles.  It is a family mode of transportation.  Sometimes 5 on a bike.  The scenery is beautiful!

After our District Meeting we celebrated this Elder's birthday.  Just new to our area.  The sisters furnished the food and I did the cakes.  This is in the Sister's apartment and it is also where they hold church.

Our indoor drier.  The sisters have the lines full outside so we moved inside.  Clothes are dry before we go to bed.

This is Jake's apartment.  We moved two of the Elders out to a new apartment which turned into quite a mess.  The papers were signed and when we got there they realized they didn't have a kitchen.  Can't rent an apartment without a kitchen.  It has been quite the deal but now a kitchen has been negotiated for a little more money.  These guys are making do with very little.  We have been shopping - trying to get them set up.

Well, some things definitely turn out better than others.  The bread wasn't too bad.  That other thing is a loaf of banana bread.  With truckloads of bananas around us I decided I should be making banana bread, but my oven doesn't like to do banana bread.  It was doughy in the middle and absolutely black on the outside so we just kept cooking and cooking.  It wasn't too bad after cutting off the outside.  I have since purchased smaller and silver pans and baked some more which turned out much better. The oven has 450 degree days and this happens to be one of them.  Nothing you do changes its mind.

Norm's favorite thing to do ?!?! Those at home don't see this too often.  Driving him crazy actually.  While I am baking and doing things he is writing a talk.  Spending time indoors is so hard for him and we do a lot of it.

We spent fast day with Jake.  It was their first time to meet in a building outside of their apartment and they were so happy.  There was only one problem.  When we got there Jake told us the other companionship had lost the only key they had.  They had spent the day before getting the chairs in and tables up etc. so they couldn't go back to his apartment.

The landlord next door, very skinny guy, came over and shimmied up this window and went through a very small space between the wall and the overhang on the roof.  Lowered himself down and took out a ceiling tile and then got into the room and unlocked the door.  Truly a blessing.  This is the main door they go in.  It is actually on the side but the main door in the front has curtains so when you sit in sacrament meeting you don't see the cars go by.  It was very noisy.  But they were so happy to have a place to meet.  It was a special experience I will never forget.

This is the front door with the curtains.  The two Elders on my left lost the key.  Jake's companion is from Davis High School.  He and Jake are a great companionship.  After meeting we went to their apartment and had Home Evening Dinner including rolls.  I spent considerable time cooking in my humble apartment and then I had to decide how to get everything there but it worked.  We had some sort of stew, I substituted pork for beef and it wasn't too bad.  I made a fruit salad.  Milk and cream you buy on a shelf not refrigerated.  The cream looks like cream cheese.  I whip it with condensed evaporated milk - not too bad and then I also made bread sticks, bread, and better banana bread.  So happy to leave them with a little food.

The next day was "P" day and Jake had to go to Tagbilaran to get his support money and that is where we go shopping which is about an hour away so we met up and Norm helped them buy a new door knob to replace the one they don't have a key for.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at KFC

Great time to be together.  I just love these guys.  Love to hear about all they are doing.  They have a baptism this weekend but they don't have a place to baptize them so their next project is to go see if they can find a river some where so they can baptize and they were hoping to make a place that they could have a meeting before.  I just marvel at them.  They are doing a wonderful work!

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