Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ocean Baptism

This is Norm's first haircut in the Philippines.  He was impressed.  The guy spent quite a bit of time with a short massage included.  It cost about 70 cents.  Norm said he could spend 18 months there.

                                    The finished product.

The girl in the pink blouse is going on a mission.  We took them to her final interview.  This is where she lives.  Very humble circumstances.  The family are members but the Dad is inactive.  The Mother in striped blouse is so sweet.  She is hoping and praying they can go to the temple.  We thought we were just picking up the girl in pink - Irish - but they all piled into the back seat of the truck.  We didn't have room for the Sister missionaries so they had to climb in the back for a bumpy ride.

We are in Tagbilaran for her interview.  A good hour and a half away.  The family wanted us to take them home after the interview but we couldn't stay because we had to go to the ferry and pick up missionaries.  We gave them money for a bus to get home and money to go get something to eat.  They were very appreciative!

An awesome sight at the ferry.  I love these missionaries.  We had a van and a truck to transport them and their luggage.  It was quite a day.  We had to do shifts.

This is just up the road from the ferry.  We stopped to organize luggage and decide who was going with whom.  There was a knock on the window and I looked up and there was Jake.  He was doing a service project and then stopped by to get his new companion who was with us.  So fun to see him.  His companion is Elder Francom from Davis standing by him.

We had four Elders in the back and a sister and I shared the front seat.  I couldn't sit back.  Could barely shut the door and that is the way I rode for 15 minutes, holding on over the bumps.  Jake bought us all bottles of water.  We were so appreciative.

The Sisters apartment and church in Ubay.   This is an hour and 45 min. away from where we live. You can see their rice cooker behind the books.  The bookshelf divides the kitchen from where they set up chairs for church.  The door is into their bedroom.  The fan saves our life.

We went to the ocean for a baptism.

We met in this precious hut for a meeting before the baptism.

Those attending the baptism.  The front row are the Elders and Sister Missionaries.  The back row is the Zone Leader, Elder Smith from Springville I think.  Going to UVU this fall - goes home mid January.  Next is the branch president, or group leader if they aren't a branch and next to him is his wife the R.S. president, then we have the dear sister being baptized.  Don't know her name.  She is about 50.  Her husband is deceased.  Next to her holding the little one is an investigator that they have set a baptism date for November 22nd.  Her husband has a word of wisdom problem he is working on.  The young boy in pink is also an investigator.  The other couple are ward members.

The dear sister, just before being baptized.  The other Elder and branch president are the witnesses.
                                                               Coming in!   Such a precious experience!!!

The missionaries, the sister who was baptized and on the end is the branch president.

This is the hut we had the meeting in.  I was so grateful for a little breeze.  The president and his wife fed us afterwards.  They arrived on a motorbike but she had fixed a big pot of bihon which is noodles and chicken and veggies but mostly noodles.  She had some sort of cupcake like things and pop with glass dishes and glasses.  I don't know how all of that got there.  They just make things work and they are workers.  They made it all so very nice!

The Elders Van and our truck and I don't know who was behind.

The bumpy dirt road that got us there and back.

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