Saturday, October 11, 2014

More Phillipines

Service Project - We went with the missionaries to harvest rice.  That was some experience.  They were literally wading knee deep in mucky mud with bare feet.  Couldn't keep thongs on.  They would cut it with a sickle and put it in a bunch and when big enough, carry it to a pile.  I sized it up and decided to go get my camera.  On the way to the  truck I literally fell in a ditch and thought my ankle would no longer be the same.  Very painfully I made my way out of the patch and spent my time sitting outside reading the Book of Mormon with the chickens and pigs.  I think the Lord blessed me. No more rice harvesting for me.

It was truly a miracle that the next morning I was in absolutely no pain.

Earthquake - every where we go we see things like this.  The earthquake was exactly a year ago.  I wish we had been here before.  It wouldn't have been so depressing.
Beautiful places - we are truly in a jungle - this is a bad picture for light - roads are very narrow.
District President lives under the blue tarp.  His house was destroyed in the earthquake.  They have walls up but nothing inside but crumbled cement.  He has lived this way for a year.  They hope to pour cement soon.  He is a wonderful man.  Drives a tricycle to support his family but spends hours serving the District which is like a stake president to us. He owns a motorcycle and that is how he travels around the District.  Sometimes he leaves at 4 a.m. to get to where he needs to be in the district.  Norm is his 2nd counselor.  He speaks English but very hard to understand.
Jake's first apartment in Inabunga.  I was so happy to be here and see where he lived for 5 months.  They wash their clothes by hand and this is how they dry them.  It is the way everyone dries.  Clothes are always outside - even in the rain.

The places where the missionaries live makes our apartment look like a mansion.

We have watched conference today at the church in an air conditioned chapel.  It was wonderful. Absolutely loved every minute.  We will watch again tomorrow for the Sunday sessions.

I have ventured out to do a little cooking this week - it adds greatly to the heat of the apartment but it is good to have something around to eat.  The oven likes to bake at 400 or above so I have to watch that a bit.  I did have a picture of some bread I made but lost it.  Don't know where it went.  Can't go too wrong on pancakes and french toast which we have had this week.

We can buy carrots and potatoes at the market so that adds a little variety.  I am going to try some pork tomorrow and tonight I think I will try a cake.  We are very good at popcorn on top of the stove. Feel free to drop in any time for a snack.  Surely do love you.

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Heather said...

Glad your ankle wasn't hurt any worse :/ Keep on keepin' on! We love you and you are in our prayers!