Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bye Jake

The past few days we have been able to spend some extra time with Jake and we have loved every minute.  On Sunday, August 2nd it was fast day and we picked up Jake and his companion early and we went to Carmen to Sacrament meeting.  Jake and his companion were the Elders that started teaching in Carmen and they worked hard and had a lot of success.  This is the church they found to meet in after they had met in Jake's apartment for a while.  

The people were so happy to see Elder Tolman again.  I loved how this cute little boy kept coming up and sitting on his lap.  The group leader is sitting on the left of Jake.  We went to his house to eat afterwards.  A very little humble home and absolutely immaculate.  We all furnished a little food and it was a very special day.  Before the meeting Jake stopped to see a family that hadn't been to church in 5 months and sure enough - Jake talked them into a quick get ready and they all climbed in our truck and we went to church.

I loved how this little guy kept coming up and sitting on Jake's lap.
This cute sister was just baptized and confirmed.  She is bearing her testimony in Relief Society.
After church Jake said he wanted to go make a quick visit to a family and wondered if we were up to a little hike.  We said sure.  Little did we know what his little hikes were like.  This dear sister has the farthest to go to church I think.  Jake said she is the most stalwart.  We walked a long ways.
Some passersby on the way.  Love those Elders.
This dear sister and her daughter and baby.  The daughter is discouraged because her husband isn't coming to church.  Jake gave them a lesson of comfort and encouragement.  He is amazing.
This is another daughter.
This is a poor picture of a very muddle path we were going down.  I tried straddling it, that was a sight.
The hike went on and on!  We were fasting and I wondered if my strength would make it. You can imagine what our shoes looked like.

We left earlier than the Elders and they are catching up with us.

We were driving down the road one day and looked over and there was Jake.  What a fun sight.  His companion is right behind.  You can see an arm.

Friday August 7th, Jake and Elder Smith are leaving Jake's apartment.

We were having trouble with weather - typhoon warnings etc.  The only ferry running was the light ferry which took cargo.  Jake was suppose to get us tickets in Tagbilaran but they were sold out. He was able to get tickets in Tubigan so we had to make a quick trip back.  Norm was sure we wouldn't make it but we did and waited an hour and a half for the boat to leave.  I was fearful it would be a wavy bumpy ride but it wasn't.  It was very pleasant.  On the cargo ferry they have beds and around the sides are chairs.  Jake got us beds and it was wonderful.  It took about 2 hours for the ride.  Jake and companion were on top and Norm and I were under them.  We had two other sisters as well on the other side.

Jake hadn't slept all night and I thought he would take advantage of the bed,  nosiree, he was catching up his journal and he said he had a lot of catching up to do. He was making a mango float at 2:30 in the morning and it was delicious.  Mangos, graham crackers and whip cream layered.

Sister Storey was with us.  She is from Logan and has a most gorgeous singing voice.

Sunday afternoon.  This lady is amazing.  She loves everything and always out for fun.  This is the pool outside her kitchen.  This is how she swims.

Sunday night Sister Tanner and I made chili for the troops.  Take a look at that kitchen in the Philippines.  It was fun to cook with her - I felt like I was home.

After dinner we had a testimony meeting which I think was one of the most spiritual meetings I have ever been to.  These boys have strong testimonies and we were so thankful and blessed to participate in this special occasion. An evening to always be remembered. The Elders are from Utah - we have a lot of Filipinos left here.  This group of Elders are taking home a lot of leadership.

This is a batch picture.  Sister Tanner rounded up hats etc. for a fun picture.  You will notice President Tanner peeking through.

We did a temple session Tuesday afternoon just before departing.

It has been a wonderful experience being in the Philippines together.  We have enjoyed many spiritual occasions.  He is a good Elder and we will miss him GREATLY!!!!

Saying goodbye to my boy!  He has been an inspiration to us!
So hard to say goodbye.  The missionaries all went to eat and Norm and I got a taxi and headed for the ferry.
Jake found this apartment for us.  We did the paperwork today, August 12th and hopefully we can move in on August 24th.  This apartment is in Tagbilaran where we spend a lot of time.  A much nicer apartment than the one we have been living in.

There are actually 3 apartments.  We will be living in the middle one where the Elders are standing.

This is standing in the door and this is the kitchen and family room.  All the furniture will be moved.
It will take a bit of doing to get us moved - we will be cleaning out another Sr. apartment in Tagbilaran and using those furnishings.  It is going to keep us busy.

Can I tell you how empty it was to go to Jake's apartment today and not have Jake there.  Oh my!!
This is Elder Santos, Jake's companion, and he was so good to take care of us today.  We were very thankful for him.  A wonderful Elder.

Jake will arrive home in 3 1/2 hours - although it is hard to have him gone I am very happy to have him home safely with his family again having served so well.  It surely can be said of him "Well done!"  I am very thankful for my family and have gained a whole new appreciation for missionaries.

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