Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 26 - 30, 2015

Another picture of the Tanner family.  This is their daughter, Sarah with her daughter, Gracie and her son, Andrew.  We were suppose to go to dinner together but President Tanner didn't consult me and decided they should take the ferry to Cebu.  This is our blue truck which we live in.  It has air conditioning.  It is a little large for the traffic and narrow roads but Norm manages quite well most of the time.

This is our Tubigan chapel which has the nicest piano in the district and that isn't saying much.  We are having a missionary farewell party.  Sister Perez is on the left and she lives behind us.  Sister Calaugi, Sister Genevieve has just returned from serving in the Ogden, Utah mission.  She speaks English very well and loved her mission in Utah.  Then we have the two sister missionaries.  The one in the gray took a crash course learning to play the piano and did very well.  The last sister lives behind us.
The two missionaries, 4 people in the middle are friends.  They decided at the last minute to go to the airport with us and the only room we had was in the back of the truck for an hour and a half on a construction road that is bumpy but that is what they did.  The sister on the end is the Mother of the sister on the other end.  She is sort of active.
These are our two missionaries at the airport,
We went shopping and Norm announced he wanted to buy material to have some pants made.  He wants a light purple and a light green.  The light purple he chose is next to the orange.  The saleslady told him it wasn't heavy enough to make pants.  We were blessed on that one.  He is still looking.  We did pick out a green which isn't shown but it is sort of an olive green.  Is this a sign of what?  Has Norm been out too long and he is going stir crazy. Has he worn dark pants and white shirts too long?  Could use more prayers on that one.  :)
An ongoing CSP to build a CR for a sister.We had many CSP's to dig the hole and now they have to build it.  They have hauled this cinder block which is very heavy in a very rickety wheel barrow.  The sacks have sand and gravel in them.  All this is dumped along the side of the road which is not close.  So it has to be shoveled into bags and then hauled by wheel barrow to the house.  Very heavy and very hot project.  At the moment there is no water.  Don't you just love the board windows?!?!
Today was our first choir practice for District (our stake) conference.  I had them announce to please be on time.  It was to start at 3:00.  It is now 3:30 and this is the turnout.  The sister in the black top is the chorister.  The sister in the black skirt is President Nueva's wife and she doesn't sing.  The other two sisters live behind us.  The sister in the light top is just brand new out and she is from South Jordan, Sister Stanley.  By 3:40 we had about 25 people there.  They have a terrible time getting rides.  We have two more practices.  Could use more prayers on this one too.

This is the Calap chapel which is the nicest chapel in the district and it is air conditioned.

We got word yesterday that the money has come in for our new apartment but we can't move in until WE have the money which won't be until next Wednesday.  Wednesday we are to help some missionaries move and that night we are feeding 6 missionaries here. Thursday is our district zone training so we will move on Friday.  Saturday we are involved in more missionary activities.  One area is baptizing 9 people.  Great day!

Our new Senior Couple will be here the following week so it is going to be interesting to see if we have things moved and cleaned by then.  I hope our new apartment is going to be as nice as I think it is going to be.

Love you all!!!

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