Sunday, March 6, 2016

Random pics - February 29th to March 3rd

Whenever we buy anything here they always tie it up.  We are buying mattresses this day.  When you buy groceries and you get something that is too big to fit in a sack they tie it up.  Probably because people are on motorbikes and  tricycles.

                                Transportation - so many motorbikes and tricycles.

Not a very good pictures but they are riding on back of a jeepney.

Many times the top is full of people and they are hanging on the back as well.  Sorry I got most of the dashboard of the truck.  Sometimes I just have to take quick pictures and they don't turn out too well.

                                               Taking his goats for a walk.

Emma Smalley is one of my favorites.  Her husband is building their home and they are in the process of doing the kitchen now.  Norm baptized this sweet lady.  She is a wonderful cook - amazing is a better word but she wanted to make cinnamon rolls.  This is our attempt and they really did turn out good.

Another picture of my dear Aldren.  This is his last lesson.  He is amazing.  We always teach outside with the chickens and cows and swat the mosquitoes.
I liked this view going down the road.  Love the greenery and the skinny roads.

                                I am going to quite miss this place.  I have come to love it.

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