Monday, December 21, 2015

December 14 - December 21 2015

We attended a funeral in Carmen.  A member was shot, a man who was 60, by a couple men on a motorcycle.  That is all the detail they know.  He had been baptized a few months.  His wife is so sweet.  The body is in the home for days. People just come and visit etc.  The funeral was in their humble home.   We were outside because of space but couldn't understand anything anyway.  Then they walk to the cemetery which is hot and long.  Maybe two or three miles.
 The group leader (it isn't a branch yet) is on the motorbike.  He and his wife are planning on going to the temple with us in March.

You can see the casket in the back.

This is the cemetery.  They put boards on top of the casket and then will put cement on top of it.

Another picture of the cemetery.  The wife is on the left in black.
The casket before they put it in the ground.  Norm dedicated the grave.
A Christmas Party in Panglao.  Held at a member's home.  She married a white man who doesn't believe there is a God but he allows her to be active in the church. This is their driveway.
They had a wonderful party.  LONG   Over 4 hours.  They had "presentations" dance, sing, eat, and start all over again.  They LOVE being together.  They had a big spread of food.
We went to church in Pilar. This is their transportation.

The Pilar church.  There is a baptismal font on the right side you can't see.  A very nice chapel.
We had an American dinner for the two white elders.

They have the prettiest sunsets here.  And they also have the prettiest clouds in the day.  They are sort of white white against the blue sky.  But last week we had the results of a typhoon that was close by and it rained like no other.  NEVER have we seen so much rain here.  I think for 2 days it really rained.  So thankful we didn't get the typhoon.

We went visiting with the Elders.  The parents of this family both work.  The father is very much Catholic but the Mother is a member.  She can't go to church because she is working.  We gave them money so they could get a bus ride to church but they didn't go.  They had to go somewhere else but will go next week we hope.  We love these Elders.  The one on the left is Elder Hall from Idaho and the other is Elder Schnoor from Canada.

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