Monday, November 23, 2015

November 15th -November 22nd - Thanksgiving

On one of our ventures this past week we passed these unique Chocolate Hills.  I love them!!

We had to deliver some bikes for Elders and they weren't home.  This is what we found!   Work to be done!!

They are really good Elders - I don't know what happened to their apartment.  They promised it would be clean the next time we came and it was.

I have mentioned before they celebrate Christmas for the "Ber" months.  This was along side the road.  It was so pretty. We have been listening to Santa Claus is Coming to Town for two months or maybe three.
Last week was our Stake Conference.  Very few cars are in the parking lot but you see lots of tricycles delivering.  It was a wonderful conference.  Norm and I were asked to share our testimonies during the Saturday night meeting.

Norm is trying to find something in our frig. It is pretty small and not very convenient.  We do this a lot.
The Elders asked if I would cook a dinner for them to celebrate Thanksgiving.  It took me all day.  There were 14 missionaries.  Didn't have room to feed them in our apartment so we had to load it all to the church 15 minutes away.

I used sheets for table cloths, took my dishes - had to haul everything. They have no frig, or stove in the church - just a sink that does have water.

I got up early and made 5 dozen rolls, put chicken in the crock pot, had rice, corn salad (Yep, new recipe, open a can of corn and put in mayonnaise, green onion, tomato and basil) did cooked carrots and a cabbage salad.  Made fruit salad and cookies for dessert.  We stuffed them.  Two other Elders were late coming - Elder Caro and Elder Cabrero

This is his 2nd plate full.  They ate a lot of food. They ate 3 rice cookers full of rice.  We loaded up everything and brought it home to wash.  It was an all day project but I like those kind of days.  These two are our district leaders.  Elder Nelson lives in Pleasant Grove and will be going home the end of December.  He was an AP but wanted to finish in the field.  Good Elders!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!!!!

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